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Default Anyone can help me on this?

I'm a commercial photographer with ZERO tech knowledge about anything digital and about to make the biggest leap of my professional career by getting a digital SLR pro camera. I do mainly fashion, advertising, lifestyle and occasional food and interior photography. I usually rent myself a PhaseOne to use with my Hasselblad, but want to try owning my own SLR Digicam. I need a camera which will produce at least 14MB file size (unprocessed), mainly for A4 size print-ads or enlargement up to around 12x16". I also need the one which can transfer every images straight to a computer so all the shots can be directly viewed on the computer's monitor.
Only 3 brands of Pro SLR digicam available in my country, they are Fuji (FinePix S2 Pro), Nikon (D1X, D100) and Kodak (DCS 760 if I'm not mistaken).
Anybody can help me choose, please? I know next to nothing about digital thingy, so bear with me if I didn't use the correct terms or don't understand them.
Thank you very much for the assistance! :lol:
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One of the dirty secrets of digital is that you have to do your own "darkroom" work. So I suggest that you get some photos scanned and spend some time learning how to use a photo editor - the digital darkroom. When you figure that out, you will have a much better idea of what you want/need in a camera, you will be ready to use it, and the prices will have come down.

Since you are a pro, you should simply jump into PhotoShop as your digital darkroom. Take a look at the schools in your area to see if they offer a class - that might drop the price of PhotoShop with an educational discount.

I think the only 14Mp SLR is a Kodak that has been anounced but is not yet available.
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I agree with Bill you need to learn, I would also put money into a color management device, like the one from Monaco systems, (http://www.monacosys.com/monacoezcolor.html) this will calibrate your monitor to your scanner printer and camera.

For an Digital SLR I would look into Sigma SD9 it uses the new Foveon RGB chip which creates a much higher detailed picture than any other 5mp or better camera. It used three layers red layer, green layer and blue layer at 3.1? mega pixels each this translates into a 10 mega pixel camera. There are some forums that show pictures take and they look GREAT!

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