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Default A hard decision

I'm facing a real hard decision thats really really bothering me. I'm trying to choose between the Sony DSC U20 and the Sony DSC P31.

The U20 is tiny, but the images are very compressed and the batteries dont last as long. Plus it is 70 or 80 bucks more.

The P13 is a pretty bulky camera compared to the U20 but it takes better pictures.

Basically what it comes down to is if I want picture quality and a few extra bucks, or if I want an ultra small portable camera.

Whatever I end up picking will be my primary camera. What would some of you guys do under the circumstance?
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I know basically nothing about the cameras which you list, but I can express my opinion about the question you ask.

Picture quality matters more to me than size. And lower batter life would bother me.

But that is because of my expected use (nature photography on hikes and such.) How do you expect to use it? The usual comment we hear here is "it must go into my shirt pocket". At almost 2 1/2", the P31 will have difficulty doing that. But the U20 seems almost like its aimed for things like "fits in a small pocket of your lifejacket" its so small (ignoring that I assume it isn't waterproof.)

So you have to ask yourself if the overriding thing is just how small the camera is. If not, then you have to start looking at feature and quality (and on that last point the P31 wins, from what you've said.)
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I would want the best quality for similar monies. $70 is within a range that I would similar monies. I think you would regret not going for quality.
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I can't comment on the P31, but I do have a Sony U20 and use it as my- 'take it everywhere/ with me at all times' -camera. It takes remarkably high quality pictures for its diminutive size. That being said, I would not advise that the U20 be chosen as your 'primary' camera since it is quite limited in its range of manual 'creativity' controls. As the tag line suggests, I also have an Olympus C-3020, which is my primary camera and which does provide significant manual control--it just don't fit into the pocket.

But if point and shoot capability is all you that need, and 2 Mpix offers you acceptable resolution, then the U20 is definitely a great little camera and offers good value for the $$.

BTW, I find that I get around 160 shots on a set of NiMH batts--not too shabby IMHO.
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well to be honust none of them r good. go to http://www.stevesforums.com/phpBB2/viewtopic.php?t=5779

one of the best 2mp is Casio EX-S2
no just the best on that list, is a good price, much much better then the one u want to chose
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