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notaclue Jul 21, 2005 11:00 AM

I am narrowing my camera choices down and will probably end up buying online. As I check different places I see they all offer extended warranties and the prices do vary. I have seen from $39/2 yrs. to $99/2 yrs. Is it a good idea to go for the extended warranty or not. Or is it if you have it you don't need it and if you don't buy it you do? Do they cover refurbished cameras or shouldn't I go there?

granthagen Jul 21, 2005 11:22 PM

This is one of those questions that largely comes down to the buyers personality.
In general, Consumer Reports magazine says that most extended warranties don't pay off in the long run.
Then again, you could be that 1-in-100 consumer that's glad he bought one.
How much is the camera worth that you're thinking of buying? How much is the warranty that you're thinking of buying? If you are the type of person that worries a lot about using something because it might wear out or might break, you could be a good candidate for an extended warranty. If nothing else, you're buying yourself some peace of mind. If the added cushion of the warranty makes you more likely to use the camera and enjoy it more while you use it, then maybe the warranty is a good deal just on those grounds.
One thing that bugs me about buying an extended warranty from an online retailer, is that the warranty is only as good as the company that backs it up. If the vending site has been in business for quite a while, that's a good sign. Even if the vendor has a good rep, sometimes the company that they have contracted to actually service the warranties can go out of business. If the vendor is honorable, they will contract with another service provider, but......
As far as refurbs go, I have two refurbished digicams and both seem to work fine. I won't swear to it, but it seems to me that an extended warranty was offered on at least one of those cameras, but I don't remember details. I declined.
One more thing to consider (Sorry, didn't mean to write the Great American Novel, here.) is that some credit cards offer free warranty extensions for most things that you buy with the card. Mine offers to double the manufacturer's warranty up to a year. Maybe yours does, too.
Happy buying!

BillDrew Jul 22, 2005 4:09 PM

It also depends on how much your camera costs: $50/2yrs might be a reasonable for a camera that costs $4,000 but not for a camera that costs $400.

My impression from reading posts about camera failures is that the most likely cause of failure is dropping it. The warentee will not cover that.

Keep in mind that any camera you buy today will be obsolete in two years, though likely still working.

rinniethehun Jul 22, 2005 6:36 PM

IMHO they are a waste of money. People spend weeks shopping around to get the best possible price on a camera, then throw away $75 to $100 on an extended warranty. Retailers love extended warranties, since they are almost pure profit, and since some outside agency usually handles the repair work, there is no liability for the store. Another thing to consider is where will the service be performed? In the place of purchase, or will you have to pack it up and ship it to Sri Lanka (at your expense), and wait 6 months to get it back in a box that looks like it was run over by an 18-wheeler (and probably was).

I agree with Bill..if you are planning on spending thousands of dollars on a DSLR, and the warranty is offered by a well known and reliable organization, then go for it. If not, use a credit card that doubles the warranty as grant suggested and spend that hundred dollars on an memory card, a UV filter and a nice case.

the Hun

wingnut1 Jul 24, 2005 5:01 PM

I just wish extended warranty was available where I live for my D2x. The measly 1 year Nikon warranty probably accounts for more people buying Canoon DSLRs instead!

tdredi Jul 25, 2005 10:33 AM

My post on the canon dslr section is below (sorrry for the cross post):;forum_id=37

I think it's worth it....I wonder how much a new shutter will cost to replace...given they DONT use a refurbished piece.

Now, week 2 begins and I am waiting for any replies from Ritz Camera on how they plan to proceed.

Argh. :D:|:shock::(:(:(:(:(:?:G:G:G:G

hobbit91 Jul 25, 2005 11:07 AM

I don't usually buy extended warranties. When i got a fuji f700 from ritz i did get the expanded service plan. it covers any kind of damage with the exception of fire damage. The first f700 was a lemon. ritz replaced it in store. The wife put a broken memory card in and had to send it off for repair. no charge or questions asked. the last time the camera started that were all scrambled purple. sent off for repair again. fuji decided it was not repairable and replaced it with a f450. seems to be a good camera but not a comparable camera in my opinion. doesn't have the features that we got the f700 for. Since my wife now likes this camera i will probably keep it. I did complain to the manger at ritz he following up on the complaint. He has been very good about keeping us updated. Since we were looking for a new camera anyway, we offered to drop the fuji complaint in exchange for a substantial discount on something else. I should hear from him today.

stnkline Jul 30, 2005 8:54 PM

I bought camera coverage for breakage and lost/stolen for $24/year from my home owners policy. Renters policies can also have this coverage.


[email protected] Jul 31, 2005 8:04 PM

I once bought a camera for $75 that got stolen and I got $1500 as a full replacement value.

However, I would never bother with warrantees.

Live life on the edge.

-- Terry

marsha7 Aug 2, 2005 9:18 PM

I just posted on the new Fuji S9000, but let me speak here...I was just pricing Nikon D70s at Wolf/Ritz camera...they offered an ext warr for $135 per year, which included a yearly cleaning, easily worth $75 yearly by itself...sufficient posters have complained about sensor dust, so a yearly cleaning may be necessary (except you Oly owners)...that brings the actual warr down to $65 yearly net...

I was told it covers EVERYTHING that might break (camera) scratch (lens) or whatever, and that I would deal with Wolf, not other words, it was a Wolf warr not a Nikon has been around for years, so stability seems secure, and Wolf/Ritz is like WalMart, nationwide...

What I don't know is this: if I bought the D70s and it broke in 2006, and the D70s is discontinued for the D80 or whatever, will they replace it with a D80, or will they give me a used D70s???

After reading numerous posts, I think I will buy local retail...altho internet is cheaper, customer service when you look at the manager face-to-face is much easier than thrying to yell over the phone...after reading posts about, local retail makes more sense...I have bought from Adorama, Tri-State and Beach, and I highly recommend them all for great service, but I either bought inexpensive items or my two Minolta 35mm film cameras...but back then, defects were so rare because the technology was proven, except for maybe autofocus, but you always had manual focus, so the camera worked one way or the other...

Even w/o the ext warr, customer service is easier when you can look someone in the eye and say that you will never buy another camera from them again if they do not fix your "current problem", and tell your friends to do the internet seller has millions of prospects, which is why Butterfly will continue for yearsuntil the word gets out big time...

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