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Default Lens Flare:

I have field tested the Minolta 7i and 7Hi and found the viewfinder, operating system, and the 28mm wide angle excellent. ....BUT ..... theLENS FLARE is totally unaceptable, especially back lighted flowers in order to see the pettle translucence. (A blue haze that smudges into detail is most annoying) Also notice same for interior archetectual shots when using natural light from skylights and windows.

The Canon Power Shot S45 and Nikon CP 5000 are almost totally free of flare in the same situations. ..... BUT .... really prefere a SLR type electronicor optical viewfinder.

Which of the SLR type cameras with only af35mm wide angle exhibits the least flare. Much flare with the Olympus E20 ???

Am afraid that it may be a situation of can't have your cake and eat it too. ??
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What you call "blue haze" is what the rest of us call purple fringing or chromatic aberration. The problem comes with extreme contrasts (shooting backlit trees against a bright sky, chrome on a car reflecting the sunlight, or bright lights in a dark arena).

Here's a page that describes CA and how to get rid of it:
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I've got pictures back using a Wide converter on a Fuji 602 that annoyed me. They had blue spotty areas on parts of the pic. This annoyed me because I would never see it in the viewfinder on replay.

I knew the sun on these shots was about 50 deg. but outside the frame (at least what the EVF showed me!), so I suspect flare. I haven't been able to find a hood which fits the lens yet - thought I'd try that next time.
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