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Default generic ink

I have a canon s9000 and it does beautifully with canon inks. Iv'e tried one generic (carrot) and it clogged up my printing head twice. Does anyone have a good, proven, accurate generic ink they would recommend?
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I have an Epson and have used various generic inks over the years. I have found PrintRite brand to be the best as far as reliable and consistent results. Color seems to be correct and no clogging problems. The place I bought from seems to have disappeared, so I can't tell you where a good price vendor would be. I have bought from www.computergate.com in the past, but you can find it cheaper elsewhere. Try searching Yahoo! for PrintRite ink.
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Stay away from refilling it yourself though. That's what ruined my Epson.

I'd get something from your local major office products supplier (i.e. Office Depot, Staples)...they wouldn't sell garbage, and if they got complaints they would stop selling that particular product. If you're a member of Costco, you might check there to see if they have Canon brand cartridges cheap...or maybe a computer show.
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I have also had an Epson printer die after using generic refills. Might not have been the cause of death, but I think it was.

Unless you print a very large number of photos, stick with the manufacturer's ink and paper. Using different paper isn't likely to harm the printer, but you will have to do a lot of testing to find out what settings to use with each different kind of paper. If you do a lot of printing, it is worth the cost of paper for experiments and the chance of damage - but otherwise it isn't.

To keep down the amount of printing you do, take your prints to Wal*Mart, Costco, Joe's Bait Shop, or whoever in your area does digital prints. The price at at my local Wal*Mart (US$0.29 for a 4x6") is about the same as the cost of paper and ink when you do it yourself. Or check out the on-line print services. That way you only print the ones you need quickly or are odd sizes.
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A lot of S900x owners swear by inkjet goodies ink:


I still use Canon branded ink, but I have been tempted...
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I have had inconsistent results using both generic ink and refilled cartridges. Sometimes the ink smears so the characters are not as sharp; sometimes blacks are not true black. One professionally refilled cartridge smeared a lot, the next one didn't (same brand). I currently have an HP printer. Previously I had an Epson, but found that if you didn't use it much, even the Epson-branded cartridges would clog up the head and result in a $150 repair job (cheaper to get a new printer). They suggested if I didn't want to send it in for repair (it was out of warranty), that I remove the head and soak it in alcohol for 48 hours, but this didn't completely fix it. That's why I switched to the HP: you get a new print head with every cartridge.
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