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Default Another dumb queston...

I have always printed my pics at home with my own printer and have been fairly happy with the results. Iv'e heard that if you really have a photo you like, you can send your pic out to a lab and have it printed in a formate that has longevity and even better quality. is this true? and if so, what formate do you send it to the lab? email?, floppy?, disk?. Again, if true, does anyone have a recommedation for these photo labs and what I might expect to pay for 8X10's. THanks for your time,
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Try www.cordcamera.com.

And just for kicks, order some 4x6" and see how nice they look over anything you can print with your ink jet.

Also check out steves's review on the HiTi 630-PL/PS and belive me u will BUY ONE!!! I have it and the quality is the same as cordcameras 4x6" prints.

Dye-sub printers totally kill inkjets hands down!!!

And for only $169 u can't go wrong
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I have the HP 630PS and the print output is photo lab quality. They are coated and will last longer than I will live and that is another 30 years I hope. Check out the specials at the hiti web site: http://www.hitishop.com/
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You sure, Phil? You look kinda pale and pasty to me
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