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Default advice for dental student wanting camera with good macro

I need some advice about cameras. Iím looking for a 3mp camera with good macro, reasonable price ($400), compact and takes good shots. I recently purchased a canon s30... but am thinking to return it for something with better macro. Any advice would be greatly appreciated.
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The Olympus C4000 has a macro and super macro function. Circuity City price is $450 and the online it can be purchased for less than $400.
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Nikon are known for their super sharp macro lenses. The Nikon 885 is a nice novice to semi-advanced camera in the 3 meg range. It sells for about $400-500 online.
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I second the recommendation for the C-4000. Macro to 2cm/0.78inch, 4 megapixels, f2.8 lens. My local Costco has it for $419.

For some sample macro shots, check my pictures at:

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You should also think about lighting. When you are that close, the flash is almost useless. You may want to look into a ring flash.
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There is no other choice for dental work than the Nikon 4500. Please do yourself a favor and seriously consider this. The 4000 is not really in the same class when it come to macro. In addition, the swivel lense is invaluable for intra oral photgraphy
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Actually, there's only .05 inches difference in the macro between the Oly C-4000 and the Nikon 4500...that's 1.27mm.
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There are a number of cameras which have been used quite successfully for intraoral photography.

Obviously, any of the CP series Nikons are excellent as is the Olympus. Rarely will you actually have the camera so close or inside the mouth that the differences between any of the good macro cameras will matter a great deal. I can't think of a single case where a dentist would need to get within an inch or slightly less from the subject for intraoral photography.

The more important factor, I think, is the degree of distortion in the macro shot. Because Nikon uses a "sweet spot" which lies close to the center of the zoom of their lens for macro, for all practical purposes there is zero distortion. Also because of their rather unique design, it's quite possible to add a telephoto adapter and get excellent closeup shots without embarassing the subject by having both the camera and the photographer right in their face, literally.

Nikon makes a ring light, but it's only good for about a maximum of 5 inches. For shooting farther out you will need a ring flash. The standard ring flashes won't work with the little CP series - nor with most non-removable lens dSLR's. There is a company which makes a product called the "DigiSlave RF-50" which is used by many dentists and eye surgeons with various digital cameras. It works very well with the CP series Nikons. The way it works is by having a "slave" sensor which detects the internal flash from the camera and instantly triggers the ring flash. The sensor faces the rear of the flash unit and does an excellent job. It can be used with most digicams which have an internal flash. It was originally developed for the old Olympus 600 series digicams, but works very well with any of today's consumer/prosumer instruments.

Here's a link - whichever camera you end up choosing, you will definitely need one of these:


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