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Default Colour quality on digital photos

I have a Sony DF707 digital camera. My photos look great on my computer screen but when they are printed the colour is quite faded looking and they are very disappointing. I have my camera set to the highest resolution. Am I saving them incorrectly or is there something else I could be doing wrong. Can anyone help please. Thank you.
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Hi, the fact that you've chosen the highest resolution is not going to affect the colors in your print. There are other factors to consider, first of all, the printer you're using. Try manipulating the software program that came with it, ie, adding saturation...Also, your monitor is obviously not calibrated to match your printer output. If all else fails, you can always edit your pics in any popular software image editor, and change the color, brightness, saturation, etc...
Hope this helps, I'm sure the other members will give you additional advice..blessings, Johnny
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If the pictures look great on your monitor, there cannot be much of an issue with camera settings. Almost certainly the problem is something to do with the printer settings. Getting the color on your monitor to match the printer is somewhere between:
  • A black art
    Blind luck
    Technology beyond the ken of mortals
Doing some reading in your printer manual is the first step. The next step is to experiment - a lot. Using the right paper makes a big difference - until you have the basic stuff figured out, use the paper your printer manufacturer recomends.
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What is your printer brand and model?
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I suspect the problem is with the paper you're using. It's rare that a printer can produce good color saturation on plain paper. Try a sample pack from Red River.
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Copy an image file to a disk and take it to a friends and print from there. This will tell you if you have a camera or printer problem. Like others I doe feel you have a printer or paper problem.
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Default Picture quality problems

Thank you for all your replies.

I have a problem with the colours when I email my pics to a photo studio and also when I print them myself.

The ones that I had done professionally look very dull , not at all like on my screen . They are very "flat" looking, i.e. faded looking colours and darkish.

I have a Sony DPP-SV55 digital photo printer and when I print on this, particularly photo's of people the colours are very washed out looking. i.e. the colour of someones shirt is accurate on my screen but much paler and duller on the print.

I would appreciate any help as I know I have a good quality camera but am very disappointed in the photo's I am getting.

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A few things, one of the biggest mistakes people make is not bumping up the DPI in the printer driver when printing photos...most of the time I have mine set for 300dpi, for text and minor photos. When I do good photos, I bump the printout dpi up to 720dpi or 1440dpi (although my printer can do 2880, I never use it). Another thing is the "type of paper" setting. On heavier papers, the printer can lay down more ink if you tell it that it's a heavier paper (that's why the paper setting). If you use the heavier paper setting when using normal paper, it will get soaked.

You will never get a 100% match (without expensive calibration hardware)...you are talking about two different types of colour, additive (the monitor, the three colours red, green, and blue, when added together give you white) and subtractive (the printer, the three colours magenta, cyan, and yellow, when added together will give you a muddy black (not as black as true black)).
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Default Pgoto colour quality

I am really dealing with 2 issues I guess, one is the quality of the prints I had done professionally, is it something to do with how I save and email them? Secondly is the quality of the prints I do myself. I do use the recommended paper.

As well as my Sony DPP-SV55 photo printer I also have a HP PSC750 multifunction printer. As an experiment I printed a photo on that and compared it to my digital photo printer as well as the one I had professionally printed. The quality on the HP is better than the Sony and the professionally printed one. The HP colours are much closer and it is a much sharper print than both of the other ones.

I would prefer to get them professionally printed but don't want to waste my money on poor results. Do you think it is worth trying another photo processing company to see if the quality is better.
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