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Default which camera?

I am considering buying a new camera. I have never owned a digital camera. I am not sure if I want 3MP or 4MP. I will just be taking pictures around the house and of family and friends. Does anyone have any recomendation of a good camera?

I have been looking at Sony S75 and S85 and Minolta S304 and S404 and the F100 4MP camera. I dont know if 4MP is really worth the extra money for me or not. I am leaning more toward the minolta F100 camera.

Thank you for your help.
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For an 8x10 image, you only really need a 2mp camera (but that doesn't mean you have to limit yourself to a 2mp camera).

Instead of looking at the MP, you should start with features you want, size of camera you want, optics you want (optical zoom, etc.), fully automatic or be able to override everything like an SLR, quality of pictures, etc.

Some of the cameras you listed are 3x optical zoom, others are 4x. One camera is really small, while others are slightly larger.

In my own case, I was used to manual SLRs so I looked for one where I can override everything, have a long (10x optical) zoom, and the ability to add extra lenses and filters. MP was one of the last things I looked at after I had a list of cameras that fit my criteria.

Think of buying a car...you look at how many people/how much cargo it can carry first before you look at how much gas it uses...if you did it the other way around you may end up with a little VW when what you really need is a mini-van.
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And some 3MP cameras have better sensors than 4MP cameras (see the Canon S30/S40 debacle on various forums).
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