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Stu, it's "The Hidden Power of Photoshop Elements 2" by Richard Lynch and theey've just started selling it on Amazon. Most of the stuff also works in PSE 1 also. It vastly expands the reach of PSE, allowing the use of the curves tool and other stuff. To really get an idea of what's in it, you really should register in that Adobe PSE forum that I gave a link to and then read all the threads in that one post, over a hundred threads. People kept asking questions and the author kept answering. It's exciting stuff. With this, I really think that PSE is all you need for photo editing. After reading your post, I went to that link and realized that you can't get past the first page of the link unless you register or log in. They don't say much on the first page, but it really picks up later. It's worth the extra time to check it out. If the link still doesn't work, go to the Adobe website, forums, PSE forum, browse as a guest. I just checked and it's found on the 2nd page of the forum, dated 2/8/03. Look for that date midway down the second page, or further back if you read this much later. It'll be under that date, unless someone posts to it again. That's the last of the threads in the post, so, beneath it you can click on "first" to go to the beginning of the post. If you don't have PSE, you probably won't get as excited as me.
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Oops, sorry for double post.
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First of all, I've never tried out Photoshop Elements 2.0. But I have Photoshop L.E. and I have tried Photoshop 7.0.

Even Photoshop 7.0 worked on my P200 computer with an 8gb hard drive and 64 mb of RAM so I expect your computer would handle Photoshop Elements 2.0 quite well.

Although I share your dislike of clutter in my computer, I would not want to have only Photoshop. I've found that some programs do some things much better than others - so I have Photoshop and THREE other programs.

The one I use for most operations is ACDSee version 3.0 . I've tried a later version of it, but version 3.0 is the one I like. It's very convenient and easy to use. I use it to crop, re-size, view thumbnails, change contrast and brightness. It works well in conjunction with Photoshop when I want to make a file containing, say, two pictures, side-by-side, and I have to copy them, one at a time.

Irfanview (the latest version with its many plug-ins) is what I use if I want to adjust color balance, or add text to a picture. Irfanview can often read files that other programs can't read. It sometimes, in such cases, displays a message such as - "This is a JPEG file with a wrong extension - change it?" - very useful. I use Irfanview for printing pictures too - because it doesn't have the irritating feature that ACDSee has of printing in the picture's border the fact that it was printed with ACDSee.

When a picture has to be in JPEG format and below a particular size (60kb is the ceiling for some web sites) quite the easiest and quickest way to perform that operation is JPEG Optimizer from XAT.com. All the other programs that I've tried for this operation work, but they're cumbersome & involve guesswork & trial and error.

I use Photoshop L.E. for all the more complex operations - and for one operation that, so far as I've been able to discover, it alone does well - that is rotating pictures. Many programs will rotate a picture 90 or 180 degrees satisfactorily - but smaller increments (if they will do them at all) degrade the picture quite badly. Photoshop is the only one I've found that will rotate pictures in increments of just a few degrees with (to my eye) no loss of quality at all.

A final word of caution - these four programs that I use work fine together. BUT the time when I tried Photoshop 7.0 and had ACDSee in the computer at the same time, some sort of conflict was produced - the computer slowed down to a snail's pace and when I tried to use ACDSee the machine kept crashing......
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Elements 2.0 does it all unless you are a pro and make a living with the software. You could probably get by with 2.0. You can use the auotmated featurers or complete each editing step by hand.

Re raw: There are raw capture plugins for raw that work in 2.0. I have the Olympus 5050 plugin that I down loaded from the Oly web site. I don't know if there is a universal raw importer, I doubt it, but you would have to search it out for each specific camera and model.

The learning curve for PS7 is stright up. With Elements 2.0 it is somewhat of a curve.
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Default Decided on Photoshop Elements 2.0


Thanks all of you for helping me make a decision:

I'm buying P.E.2 and sticking with the Canon CD that came with my S45 for converting RAW.....at least for the time being!

I imagine that Adobe, being Adobe, will probably offer free (or cheap) upgrades to their progam - hopefully downloadable from the web. Or am I wrong?

You've all been great! Thanks again.
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Thanks Jeff, and everybody else for the good advice...I do have Elements 2 and need to check that stuff out...haven't had much time to explore it yet...
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