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Default Macro?

I have a Kodak 215 right now, and purchased the Kodak 4300 but wasn't happy with the EasyShare. Back to looking. Now down to Cannon A40 or Fuji 2800. I am looking for video with sound, but looking at the sample pics on Steve's page, I want a camera that does the Macro sample on the Canon A40. Can anyone help me with this last decision? What is macro and can any camera do it? (sorry, I am a newbie at digitals really) Thanks Angie
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Definition of macro here:
Macro - The ability of a lens to focus very close (less than 8") for taking pictures of small objects at a 1:1 ratio.
Many people will say that Nikon Coolpix do great macro.
FYI, here is example of macro on Minolta D7 series (also additional with close-up lens):

I guess that alsmost all digicam has macro capability , but not so sure.
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The Fuji does have a macro setting. You can get as close as 4" from the subject. If that's not close enough for you, you can get an add-on macro or close-up lens.

Actually macro isn't about how close, macro is about how much magnification of close objects. My Minolta D7's macro setting is at maximum telephoto zoom, so you can take large photos of small objects without blocking off all the light. You can't get so close, but you don't need to because of the magnification.
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Just to follow on from the above, the Nikon CP4500 will take you down to about 0.8" with an (approximately) 2 x optical zoom at that point. This is with its standard lens.

I use other options for less intrusive wildlife photography (Digiscoping) but I've found that with a reasonably co-operative subject the CP4500 macro works very well indeed. Please see -

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Maybe you should hold on to that Kodak. I have an old DC3400 that I use exclusively for macro pics. I purchased a set of macro lenses from Kodak that allows me to get as close as 1/2 inch from the subject.

Check this out..

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