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Default Some camera decision help please

Im after a digital camera and have gone mad looking at all the reviews. I have it down to a couple. Cannon G3 or the Olympus 5050z. I liked the Sony717 but its out of my price range.
Ive never owned a digicam and need something that is excellant to point and shoot but I want the capability to do some advanced photography later on.
Most of my holiday shots will be in the semi - dark like in clubs and stuff.
What do you guys think of my choices?
Thanks for your help
Panda Australia
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The Olympus C5050 has great optics for low light shooting. The F1.8 lens provides good low light photography opportunties. The multi meida support, CF, SM, X picture card, Micro Drive, provides some versatility in media choices. The Photo assist lamp also will help with low light shooting. The moveable lcd panel is a plus.
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Ditto with Phil.
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Default Re: Some camera decision help please

Originally Posted by Panda
... - dark like in clubs and stuff....
I doubt any consumer digicam is going to work well in light much lower than you can comfortably read by without using flash. Focus assist is usefull, but read carefully about the range - I think most of them are limited to about the range of their junky built-in flash units.

Though the Olympus has (I think) the fastest lens at f/1.8, keep in mind that is only a quarter stop faster than f/2.0 which is available on several other cameras. That means a shutter speed increase from (e.g.) 1/20th to 1/25th second - every bit in nice to have, but it isn't very much.
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