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Default Why the small image size???

I just recently received a nikon d100 with six pixels. Before this camera I had a sony f707. My question is this: when I shot pics with the sony at its max. resolution and brought these photos into photshop the image size would exceed 28"X 17". Now when I shoot pics with the digial Nikon at maximum resolution (i tried raw, nef, and tiffs) the image size comes out to around 6"X8". It is interesting to note that these small image sizes are about 18 mb's in size. Whats happening here? Shouldn't these photos be huge and if I bump up the size of the image am I ruining the clarity of the shot?
Thanks for your time in response
Scott the fireman
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The size you see on the screen has a scaling relationship to megapixels of your cam. Most monitors are about 96 dots per inch. So a full file view on your pc for the number of pixels you have would be an enormous magnified part. Your software chucks away pixels so you end up with a size to suit on screen - but its only for preview, nothing is taken away. Bit like your cam lcd really -you're not seeing 28 inches on that!

Your pc can scale the image file to 'fit window' and that's the option to look for in your Browser/viewer/editor.
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Default thanks, one more question

with that being said, how then can I tell what the natural size of the picture is that ive taken at any given resolution? At 5 megapixels, my sony could print up 13X19" photos without loss of clarity. I can only sumize that at 6 pixels, this would be no problem.
Thanks again for taking the time to respond
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