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Default Purchasing camera's off EBay

another question. In my last post it was the difference the difference between the G3 and the 5050z because the Sony717 was too expensive $2250 in Australia.
I have noticed on Ebay.com.au, a guy is auctioning plenty of them and they have been going for around $1600 oz which is a really nice saving. They come from Hong Kong, 12 months Australian warranty, and are brand new. Has anyone had any experience with dealing off Ebay?
The guy selling reviews are exceptional, and receive high praise.
Once again, thanks for your help.
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I don't live in Australia, so I can't comment on Ebay.au, but I'm a seller and a frequent buyer on Ebay.com (topsnstuff). I guess you can call me an Ebay junkie. I love Ebay! I just bought a MINT E-20 for $843! The seller was wonderful, shipping it overnight at no extra charge! I've bought 2 Fuji 4900's, a Sony F505V and several other items with no problems, and I'm not talking small dollar purchases. I wouldn't hesitate to make a purchase, if it was a good deal AND the seller had good feedback. (ALWAYS check the feedback). It sounds like this person is a reputable seller. If you have any qualms, you can always send a message to the people that have bought from him in the past and get their opinion.
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Here are a few things you can check on eBay to ascertain the trustworthiness of the seller:

- check their feedback profile (click on the number in parenthesis after their user ID); see how long the account has been open, how many feedbacks in the past 7 days, month, or 6 months. If the account has been open for a while, but all the feedbacks are from within the past 7 days, well, that's no more weight (for me) than an account that's 7 days old with equal number of feedbacks.

- check the feedback ratings of users who've left feedbacks on this vendor; you are looking for people with single-, double-, and triple-digit feedbacks. Just so that you know that these aren't his "friends," or even fake accounts owned by the seller himself, who've left inflated feedbacks for him.

- check the negative feedbacks with a grain of salt, as long as they are less than 1 per every 50 or 100 positive feedbacks. Some buyers have unreasonable expectations and are hard (if not impossible) to satisfy.

- with the recent (within the past 90 days, I think) feedbacks, you can check the auctions. See what the seller has sold and if the buyer is happy with the transaction.

Good luck!
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I've had excellent results, both buying and selling, off eBay. There was only one transaction that I had that was less than pleasant. The shipping was EXTREMELY slow, but I got the item as advertised. The only thing I would add is that you should examine ALL of the negative feedback (if any) of the seller very carefully! Check also the feedback the person left about others-- in particular, the ones who left them negative feedback. This can be very insightful.
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