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Thanks Hun. At the moment,I think Beach Camera has my business.After looking atButterfly Photo, Im not sure about them....:OIt seems like most do not have a store front. Anybody have a pic of Beach camera?I would love to go to my local store (Ritz by the way.) but they want $699.00 + Taxfor the camera while Beach Camera wants $548.00 and free shipping. Saving $200.00+ dollors is sooooo temping......:G
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The storefront thing is good for illustrative purposes but don't get hung up on it. The important thing is whether the etailer is reputable or not. That's where resellerratings.com comes into play.

Beach Camera, Butterfly, Buydig, B&H all get very good ratings there and all are reputable. The differences are going to be in customer service and return policies. B&H will often be slightly more than the others but they also have better customer service and return policies. As for the return policies, there won't be an issue with any of the above if the product is defective. However, many online etailers now try to protect themselves from people who order a product, 'try it out' and then return it. So they will have a restocking fee. I don't have an issue with this. They're not in business to provide trial equipment so we can make a decision on whether we really want that product.

The only other comment is that the Beach, Butterful, Buydig's of the world will typically have packages they offer. In general this is where they make their money up. You save a lot on the camera but overpay for accessories and/or get low quality accesories. Typically those same accessories can be gotten elsewhere for much less money. No place can offer the best prices on everything. So, these places offer a great price on the big ticket item and make that money back on the 'small stuff'. Now, the real shoddy places won't end up letting you buy just the camera. There will be reason after reason, but the end result is you won't be able to do it. For the above mentioned stores it isn't a problem. Just check resellerratings.com if you have a question about a site. And, be leery of any site that only has a couple dozen replies.

As an example, CF cards are much less expensive at a place like newegg.com or zipzoomfly.com (both excellently rated etailers) but their prices on cameras (if they sell your model) are likely higher.

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I just went through all this and settled on Amazon. the return policy is good, too. I had a customer service question and used their new "call you back" feature. i HATE Amazon's email customer service, just too many form letters; but this new thing was great. You enter your phone # and you are called right away and connected with a rep.*Anyway, they had a free memory promo and this brought the price in line with Beach or B & H.* I*had decided to spend a little extra if needed to get a reputable seller.I also took the Amazon Visa for another $30 off (will be cancelling credit card asap--just did it to get the $$$ off).*I ordered the camera and a couple of accessories on Friday and they shipped them today.I do anticipate one small, possible problem. One of the accessories is coming from one of Amazon's partner merchants, ElectroGalaxy (???). I noticed after I had ordered that they have a different accessory pictured with the manufacturer part # of the one I supposedly bought. It was correctly described on Amazon, contents correct, mfr part # correct, but with an inaccurate photo. This inaccurate photo is also at the partner site with the part # of the one i really want.*We shall see if I get the item as described and listed or the item in the photo...I have rwitten this "partner's" customer service dept to inform them of their erroneous photo of the item, which item I want, and to try and be sure they send the right thing. Maybe I will be pleasantly surprised. I do not blame Amazon if there is a problem but will stick to Amazon itself in the future and avoid their "partners".
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Miracle of miracles! ElectroGalaxy sent me the correct item, the one that corresponds to the mfr # that I wanted, as opposed to the item they have incorrectly displayed on their website with that #.So it was shipped fast and was correct.Order from Amazon should be complete by week's end and then I can start learning to use the camera!The downside is that I will be out of town for the next few days and will have to suffer delayed gratification...
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rjseeney wrote:
I always buy from either B&H Photo or Adorama. Never had any issues and their websites are very easy to use and very descriptive of products for sale.

I've alsosuccessfully used Profeel. Not as much selection as B&H or Adorama (and a rather harsh return policy). Their prices and reputation are good.

For used gear I've recently "discovered" KEH


...much more inventory than Adorama and with better prices and an easy to use search.
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got my pro one from Dell and my XT from Amazon.. no probs with both buys, the pro 1 had to be returned because the LCD screen didnt work Dell took it back and sent the new one right out to me without a hitch. I have bought lenses from B&H and Abes of Maine with no probs either.

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i have always used tri state camera.

i did just purchase a pentax optio s12 from abes of maine with no problems.
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I buy all my online cameras from B&H Photo in NY. Have done it for years they may be a little higher in price but they always are NIB and no funny stuff. I used to try buying from my local stores but gave up on them because of poor treatments.

I did a little looking in my local Best Buy when thinking about a Canon G10, I stood looking at the Demo G10 with a sales guy standing close, he never asked if he could answer questions or offer any help. I sent BB a little e-mail about their lack of helpfulness but never received any reply. Ordered my G10 from B&H.And also now waiting for my Canon EOS 50D ordered from B&H.:-)
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I have repeatedly ordered directly through Adorama, B&H and Amazon.com without a single problem. And some of my orders through Amazon.com have come from Adorama and Beach Photo, again without a single problem.

I'm talking about both expensive cameras and many lower-priced accessories. There are other legitimate Internet retailers - newegg has a great reputation - but I can personally vouch for the ones mentioned above.

I'd like to know more about Abe's of Maine. They seem to have a good reputation but I have never done business with them.
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