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i buy all my equipment from b&h, i did buy an olympus E-1 from tri-state and only because the folks at olympus recommended them. i have used new egg for a couple of hard drives, very fast shipping but they came bubble wrapped and sealed, but no box or cd.
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B&H has been in business for decades and serves professionals all over the country. Prices are competitive and they are fully legit. I have personally used them many many times over the last 38 years with no complaints.

Adorama is also well known and well established, and I have ordered from them for years, also with no complaints.

Have occasionally ordered from Beach Photo in the last few years, also with success.

I personally go to B&H first, but I have no hesitation dealing with the other two when needed.

Popular Photography actually exercises some discretion in accepting advertising, so checking them for ads provides at least some level of filtration.

All this being said, I have an ethical problem with going to a local store, whether a chain store or not, and talking to their salespeople and handling their merchandise, then ordering online at a lower price. I personally don't think it fair to expect them to go to the expense of a facility, staff, and inventory, and then match the price of an online seller, and I don't consider it ethical of me to appropriate their resources with no intent of purchasing from them. I therefore choose to either shop and purchase in person, or shop and purchase online.
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