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Default making money with photography


Does anyone know of ways to make money with photography. I have the 2600Z and hope to buy a better camera in the future but need to raise big time.

Thanks, Bronson
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I just came back from a Softball tournament, a guy had a place set up where he sold pictures of the girls playing ball, he went around during the games , which go on all weekend, he had the Nikon D1x , and a couple of computers and printers , it was a pretty good set up.

I take pics of my kids teams playing and make money doing that, i put all the kids on one sheet in a cologe, anyway i make some doing that.

I really thought that the Nikon that guy had would take better pics , it only takes 3fps but its 5.7 pix, my E100RS take 15fps and is a 1.5 pix. Anyway either he just wasnt printing at the highest quality or something , my pics i take looked as good if not better. But mine wont print poster size , well not as good as the D1,lol.

Just was kinda disapointed in the pics quality prints he had, he had Hp printers and paper, not sure which one, but looked like a nice printer.

sorry so long lol
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Making money at photography isn't that hard. Making a profit is. Having a good camera is just the beginning. You'll almost certainly need more equipment and the skills to make good photos. What are your skills? Find the market that best suits them. You need to find potential customers and offer them a service that they are willing to pay for. You'll need to put together a portfolio to show customers what you can do for them.
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Default is a release required?

Does the taking of these softball pictures require a release of any type? When you takes pics at a local event, if you post them to a site, is a release required? What are the legal issues involved in doing something like this softball thing?

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