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Suj Apr 20, 2003 10:50 AM

5X7 printing quality
Hi there

Im pretty new to digital cameras, and I mainly only print 5x7 pics from the local photo labs.

Ive heard for very good quality pics 300dpi is reccomended so a 3.2mp camera really be would be enough.

However if I was to purchase a 5mp camera would the 5x7 pics be much better than a 3.2mp digital camera? as this would offer around 400dpi

Ive heard that you would not notice any noticable difference?


voxmagna Apr 20, 2003 11:43 AM

You've done the arithmetic and there is some truth in your conclusion. If you took both cameras and shot detailed scenes in bright sunlight you might not see much difference. Do the same thing in low light and results might not be what you expect - A 3Mpix cam might give a better picture if it had lower noise and better sensitivity!

Now for the next issue. 5X7 may not be the same frame aspect as your cams sensor. So to print 5X7 you would need to crop (throw away, some of your Mpix) and enlarge to fit the size. So whilst for most scenes 3Mpix would be OK for 5X7. To guarantee more detail to allow for cropping you might be more tempted by 5Mpix. However if you are only likely to want 5X7 occasionally, you might prefer to save some money and get more pics on your memory cards with a 3Mpix cam!

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