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Default On subjectivity...

Yes, the issues are definitely subjective because the perception of "sharpness" and "quality" are just that - perceptions - which are definitely subjective.

Probably the "best" test of quality are conducted at the PMA show each year where an image of the same subject is captured by numerous digicams, printed on the finest printers and judged by a panel of professional photographers who haven't a clue which image was taken by which camera.

The results are pretty consistent and worth investigating. The professional level sensors "always" win the competition, and the only way I know to really appreciate the differences is by experiencing it first hand. It's as close to a "double blind" test as you are likely to see in the photography arena.

Quantatative measurements of noise levels can and are made by reviewers and that the professional sensors do much better is not a subject for debate. Also resolution tests are frequently made and in general, the prime lenses do better than zoom lenses and the professional 35mm lenses do better than their consumer counterparts. This probably reflects the precision of manufacturing and quality control more than anything else. Of course the pro-lenses generally cost more than the entire camera with lens of the consumer lines.

With the 5700 versus D100 situation, the lenses used for the D100 are highly variable while the 5700 is fixed. An 8x zoom is unlikely to be as good throughout its range as a specific prime, so it would be at best an unfair and biased comparison - but might be interesting from the perspective of seeing how good the consumer instrument might perform.

I think to believe that one might get as good overall results from the 5700 as from the D100 would be more wishfull thinking than a likely event.

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1. judging prints is not a very objective test unless making orints is your goal.

I would rather simply have files in an agreed on format, e.g. TIFF or PDA, and then see if I or any one blinded could tell them apart.

Obviously I agree that the dSLR lenses should be better .... EXCEPT, that they are designed to cover a larger area. By comarison a 35 mm lens is better on 356 mm film then the finest viewcam lens, for the simple reason that lenses are designed for optimum properties full frame.

Otherwise, what we are both left wih is saying it is so. What about getting Steve or someone like him to do a real side by side test, make the images and send them out to whoever is willing to look at them?
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