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Default Can someone help me? Fuji S602 and Nikon 4500 Coolpix


Right now, I have been waiting for quite some time for the S602 to get off backorder, and have since seen that the CoolPix 4500 has a great rebate, where I would save over $100.

Any help that you could give about the following would be greatly appreciated.

First, let me say a few reasons why I chose the S602:
  • The macro feature is great (I want to take pictures of coins and other small things closeup
  • It isn't small in the sense that I can't see it in my hand- it is held firmly
  • There were many ISO and shutter settings that I could control manually, or just use it as a point and shoot- my choice
  • The pictures I've seen from it are FABULOUS
  • I can always add lenses to it if I would like, although the zoom is already quite nice
  • 3 megapixels is nice for me- the ability to create 6 is also nice, but I don't think I'd really need such a large picture most of the time- the detail at 3mp seems just fine
  • It is a popular and recommended camera

Now, I do know that the 4500's macro is out of this world, and Steve's shots seem impressive as well. I also see that for $50, I can buy a 2x lense on ebay, and there are probably other places, too. 4 megapixels seems just fine, and I think the camera will do wonders when outdoors (I like photographing landscapes and other natural things). Also, the lense seems fast enough to get me some pictures of moving planes, if there is enough light for me to put the shutter on a fast speed. As I understand, I can control both the aperature and shutter speed if I desire, correct? The loss of 1600 ISO doesn't bother me, especially if I can get 4mp shots at 800.

Finally, I have invested in some AA batteries and a rapid charger, which I don't think will work with the 4500. Also, I have gotten a 340mb Microdrive- will that work? Steve says 512 and 1gig. Fuji has a lot of CF problems- will I be able to use any CF card in the Coolpix?

Any comments are much appreciated, and I really thank you for your time!


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Fuji has a lot of CF problems
Mainly to do with the stressful task of movie capture! I haven't heard reports of a card stalling for normal pic taking, although with most cams, actual speed to write is a match of both the cam and media - unlike Microdrive. Remember MD's need a bit more peak batt. power. So if you're considering proprietary batts, you'll need spares and a charger if you're planning on using your MD. That's probably a good reason for sticking to AA, but then if alternative cams come along, as you say you need to re-think.

Download manuals for cams you are looking at, they will tell you a lot more than the brochure specs!
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I've also seen a lot of good from the 5000- anyone have any thoughts about that camera either? Does it support MDs at all?
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I recently had the same dilemma. I had a very hard time choosing between the s602 and the 4500. I was tempted to get the 4500 due to the rebate, but I went with the s602. I am so glad that I did because this is one awesome camera. The only pics to come out bad were my fault (moving camera, forgetting flash.) This camera is awesome! (I know I already said that once.) I have taken some terrific macros with it and it is a fast camera. I have not had any shutter lag problems and it is packed with features that are actually easy to figure out. I am not a fan of the swivel body of the 4500 and I just did not think I could get used to it. I love how the s602 feels in my hands. I did get a microdrive for it, but when I tried one out at Wolf camera, they put a lexar 16MB CF in it and it worked fine. (Note-I only took still pics at Ritz, no video)
I hope this helps.
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i have the s602

and i think it's amazing

not sure if the 4500 has continous shooting mode

for shots like below

and for the macro

the lens distortion is there on purpose by the way

hope this helps make your mind up

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Old May 3, 2003, 3:54 PM   #6
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THere is a continuous mode on the 4500.
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the 602 is a brilliant camera.I am a complete non-technophobe,but just by using the auto of the camera,nothing else i have obtained fantastic pics.macro is second to none.i have also just purchased a coolpix 4500,as my interest are birdwatching,and I want to learn how to digi-scope,i took a couple of quick macro shots in the garden and they came out fine.But obviously you need to think what you will be using the camera for.there is nothing the finepix will not take,and it is user friendly.
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It's for:

Coins/Animals (macro)
Aviation (moving)
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