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Default All fixed! :)

Well if anyone is interested in the solution I finally had and wants to build a cheap fluorescent photobooth this was the solution:

I called up about 20 electrical supply stores, and one of them finally knew what I needed. Sylvania makes an electronic ballast with an output of 42,000+ Hz for the smaller diameter T8 2' bulbs. They fit in the same socket as the fixtures you can buy at Home Depot.

You just yank out the crappy 60hz ballasts, pop-in the Sylvania electronic ones, and rewire it all up. It wasn't even that expensive..... the ballasts were $20 each (wholesale) which powers 2 bulbs, and the bulbs were only $3.00 each.

The bulbs are 17w instead of 20w, but they have more light output than the 20w bulbs due to the electronic ballast (which was designed for energy savings and reduced eye strain), but works beautifully for photography too
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