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Default Bait and Switch? Need Help!

Purchased a PQI 512 "High Speed" compact flash mem card from an online vendor, and I don't think that is what they sent me.

I called them, and they said that company (PQI) has the same package for the high speed and the regular speed CF card.

Went to the manufacturers web site, http://www.pqi.com.tw/eng/ourproduct/flash%20card.htm
and found pictures of the 2 different cards, and the HS card DOES say high speed on the card, and has a different color sticker on it.
However, rather than using colors and pictures to make a distinction between the two, I would prefer to use part numbers, and the part number of the card that I received from the online vendor(which shall remain nameless unless the issue is not resolved) is:
1S23E or PQI-512CF

How can I get more info on this, without contacting PQI and waiting a week for a response? (The return time limit through the vendor is 10 days, of which 5 are already gone).

Thanks for any and all info!!

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ImageRescue came on one of my Lexar cards and is handy. It gives me the firmware number and other info on the card. It only works on cards that are USB enabled, whatever that means.

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Many products will have both a serial number (uniquly identifying that item) and a product code or number. For example:

The logic trackball I have says on the bottom:
p/n: 804360-0000
s/n: <doesn't matter>

I searched on google for "804360 logitech" and I found two links to a "logictech trackman wheel optical" (which this is.) What you should do is find the product number/code/whatever and then see what that code really applies to either by searching for it on google or going to PQI and see if they let you search on it.

I would trying calling PQI. You never know, they might be able to help you quickly and easily.....
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PQI web site shows three different CF cards. They also listed a contact number:

USA Branch
E-mail:[email protected]

Call them. They do not list enough technical information to provide a clue to the part number you provided. I also tried several web searches and found no references to the part number you provided.
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