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Default del/format mem cards

i heard it is better to format/del files from the comp flash card in the computer than on the d1x?...is that true?..why?...

when i was using my olympus 3000z and smartmedia cards,...i del files from the computer and that screwed up my sm cards...the digicam could not use them no more...so ever since...i always do everything in the cam....

thats why the advice about doesn't sound good to me ....


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I have seen this discussed here and other discussion groups and its always the same advice. Use the camera to format and delete photos off the card, period.
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Default never had that problem

I've often deleted photos from my SM cards in the computer, and they still work just fine in my Olympus c2100 camera. Not sure why it could cause a problem, or if I've just been lucky.
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1when you did this, did you delete or format the cards?
2if you did it by formatting. were you in win98 win98se me win2000 or winxp?
3 if in either one of these using the format command did you notice the options A) capacity B) File System C) default allocation size D) volume label
A B C are dropdown lists A-is pretty much automatic you dont need to touch this
B- is the killer be sure to choose FAT. over a certain card capacity threshold it will have options available. a 16MB card will default to FAT because it wont support FAT32. put a 256 MB card in it will default to FAT32 which is a working file system for windows but not for the cameras they only support FAT. hit the arrow on the right and choose FAT and format your card. works everytime for me. C- automatic
D- dont even bother on a cf card. your choice

for those of us who have formatted with FAT32 just reformat using FAT and you will have raised the dead (unless of course you did something really nasty to it out of frustration)

my little test was with a 16MB and a 256MB cf card winxp pro

if the above doesn't work call the card mfgr. there is something else going on there.

as card capacities grow there need to be a change for efficiency of memory use(overhead) but for now in cameras FAT is where its at.

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