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For those of you considering purchasing HP R707 Look Out. If you want a camera that works for more than 12 months without problems dont purchase this one.

Issues in relation to PRODUCT: HP R707 Digital Camera Purchased May 2005

When I purchased the camera first it worked for a couple of weeks with no problems. Then one day it would not power on or off. The Lense remained in the zoom position. I contacted HP and was told to reset the camera and see did that work. No success was visible after reseting the camera so HP ordered that I send the camera back to HP. It is an issue with the camera because the box HP sent out to send camera back had a foam shaped interior to fit the camera with lense zoomed. I then recieved a new camera (or maybe not) in the post which was trouble free until 14th April 2006.

On the 14th of April 2006 I turned on the camera and took 2 to 3 pictures which saved fine. Then when I tried to turn off the camera it wouldn't power off. I opened the door to the battery compartment and proceeded to remove the battery. The battery seemed tighter in its compartment than usual. When I removed the battery I noticed that it had swelled (hense it being so tight in the first place). Why would this happen? How long should the battery last (one year)? I should hope longer than that. I thought to myself that maybe its just a faulty battery so I replaced it with a new one which was charged in the dock for my camera. On replacing the battery I proceeded to power on the camera. When it powered up I got the following error on screen

"Bad Data Access Address Bad address=0x00000093 pc=0xffff00e8 ALIGN ERR!! sp=0x83f1f90 Domain:6 080266f0 08026648 080213bc 0802ab8d 0800052c 08000370."

I tried to power the camera off but it wouldnt work so I had to remove the battery. I replaced it again and powered the camera on. I got another Bad Data Access Address different to the one before. I removed the battery again to power off the camera. After this I powered the camera on a couple more times to see was it going to continually give me a different Bad Access Address everytime, and it did.

I reset the camera and left it for 24 hours. When I powered it up The LCD Display flickered for a couple of seconds but then seemed to be fine. When I tried to use the zoom in zoom out buttons on the camera then started doing the complete opposite to what they should be doing. --- ZOOM IN was ZOOMING OUT --- and --- ZOOM OUT was ZOOMING IN ---. I proceeded to take a photograph. After taking one picture the camera froze. No display, wouldnt power on or off and the lense remained in the zoom position. I removed the battery and have not tried to use the camera since.

Sometimes you hear people saying,"you get what you pay for". Well to tell you the truth I dont think I did. I'M extremely disappointed that a product which costs a couple of hundred euros can only last a year.

Now the problem is in order to get HP to look up information on the history of my particular camera I have to give them the serial number. PROBLEM: Serial number has worn off the bottom of my camera as it was only on a poxy sticker. For those of you who can still see the serial number on yer cameras write it down and keep it safe. It can also be found on the box in which your camera was packaged in, ( thats if you didnt already throw it out!). If a problem occurs with your camera and you dont have a serial number, you cant mail your problem from the HP support website. Also if you ring their support line no one will help you without the serial number. You will also be lucky to get a Customer support representative who can speak fluent English.

Anyway guys will leave ye to it. Its only my opinion, but I will never purchase another HP product. HP INVENT- YA RIGHT.
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If you can get the camera to power up with the AC adapter or battery try this. With the camera off - hold down the flash button while powering up and the display should show you the serial number and the firmware rev. number. Also there is a safety firmware revision to keep the camera from trying to charge a non-rechargable battery. The latest rev. is 2.00.24. The only problem I have had is with the Lithium-Ion battery. The first one became swollen and had to be pried out. The second is also swollen and I removed it last night with a jewelers screwdriver to get it past the blue latch and then grabbing the end with long nose pliers. It still works but I suspect that it's being charged at an excessive rate although the firmware fix apparently has nothing to do with the rechargable battery. Other than that I've taken hundreds of pics since 2004 and this camera is capable of TIFF quality images in JPEG format. I hope they will at least give you a new camera.

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