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I have a couple of images taken on an HP m415 camera that are appear to be cut off at the bottom of the picture, leaving a bright band. The images look fine on the camera itself and print up okay on the printer dock - but on downloading via USB the cut off appears.

On close examination the 'missing' parts of the images are still there but far too bright, the colour information is corrupted and these sections are shifted to the left In the 'hole' on the right that this shift leaves appears to be the bit of the image that is missing from the left.

This problem has been passed to me so, currently, I can't say if the image is stored on the camera's internal memory or on a card - maybe the card's faulty - though why it should appear okay on the camera doesn't make sense if that is the case.

Any thoughts anyone?
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You're describing images that have been corrupted. Either they are already that way on the card, or they're being corrupted during the transfer process to your PC.

It's not unusual to see thumbnails that look OK (the thumbnail is a separate image inside of the main jpeg image). So, if your camera is displaying the lower resolution thumbnails OK, the actual image could still be corrupted.

I'd probably format the card via the camera's menus for format as a first step to see if that helps out. I always do this with a memory card prior to every use (and I always have, with any digital camera I've owned). This insures that I always start out with a fresh FAT (File Allocation Table), just the way the camera expects it (since I'm using the camera menus to perform the format).

It could also be a voltage related problem (bad battery), or even a problem with your USB port or software used for transferring the images.

I'd probably try a different memory card to see if it's the problem if formatting it doesn't help. Ditto for the battery. If images are still being corrupted, I'd look at using a Card Reader versus transferring them from the camera.

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Thanks Jim,

I'll try all of your suggestions and see if they cure the problem - if not, I'll be back!

Thanks again,

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