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frankb_c Jul 6, 2006 10:10 AM

I purchased a Dock for the R-817 Camera.
Of course no yellow sticker adapter, so phoned HP and received proper part.
Connected to TV and works fine from camera.
BUT the remote does not work!
Tested the battery and found to be "weak" replaced with new one.
No difference.

The docking station light keeps flashing after I press to view on TV screen.
The sensor light on the Docking station for the remote also keeps flashing.

HP requested I take unit to Staples/Circuit City and test there.
You know the re-action I got from the SalesPerson.
Hey, man go to HP. I sell these not check and/or verify!
Its under warranty! get an RMA.

As I stated, from the camera all is fine for viewing, In fact it works great.
I cam zoom in/out, slide right/left,up/down.

But the remote feature is not working.
Is it the remote that is defective?
Is it the docking station? remember, works with the camera?

Any Ideas?

frankb_c Jul 18, 2006 6:19 AM

HP sent me a new "Clicker" (Remote).
The one I had shorted out the battery and it sure got hot.

I bought a fresh new battery, and all working fine.

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