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I am trying to decide on which compact digicam to buy. I am after a 5mp camera and have been looking at the nikon 5200 and the HP R707 so far. I have heard negative feedback on the 5200's skintone quality and am eager to hear any comments people may have on the new HP Photosmart R707. To my novice eye they look pretty similar on paper.
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I am a Sales Assistant for a ComputerStore in the UK. I thoroughly test every camera that we receive to establish which ones are best for our customers needs.

Recently we received our first batch of the new HP R707. Me being a huge fan of HP productsI was expecting a lot from this camera and I was not disappointed.

The cameras appearance is much more stylishthan that of other HP models. The brushed silverstainless steelfront looks quite impressive and the rubberized back feels comfortable in your hand.

The modes the camera offers are enough to produce excellent photos. I found it easy to use the menus were laid out perfectly and were easy to navigate. The mode button situated on the top of the camera allows the user to easily switch between various preset options. I was particularly impressed with the sport mode. The camera captures moving objects with great precision and a minimal amount of blur. HP's new Adaptive Lighting technology and Red Eye Removal features are alsoextremely impressive. They make a huge difference and it makes a change to find a red-eye removal feature that actually works.

Overall I am extremely impressed with this camera and I will definitely be recommending it to customers.
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Thanks for taking the time spud. sounds like I should keep it on my list of cameras to view! Any other recommendations (by anybody) for digicams to research would be appreciated.
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This is from my review on Amazon.com.

I have the HP Photosmart R707 since a few weeks. This is my first digital photo camera. I bought the R707 because I want to take good pictures without worrying about all the manual control menu options and features. Point and shoot. However with this camera I do have those other options available for more experimenting when I want to.

My experience so far: I've taken pictures indoors and outdoors, sometimes in difficult situations like a bright light in the background of the subject or high contrast pictures alternating bright sunshine and dark shadows and I have loaded these into iPhoto within Mac OS X 10.3.4 I've also tried out the video recording feature.

Positive points:
The body is small, compact, easy to hold, it feels and looks classy. The buttons are easily reached and a number of options can be chosen by using the buttons without needing to scroll through menu items on the LCD display. The LCD display can be dimmed or brightened in 3 steps, enough to read well in bright sunshine. The R707 comes with 32MB RAM built in, so I can take 17 high resolution pictures (5.1 MB with middle strength compression i.e. 2 stars) without even inserting an sd card. The menu items are well organised and it is easy and fast to find the manual control I'm looking for. The optical zoom is good and the picture quality can be excellent. The level of details in the pictures is often surprisingly good. The imaging technology, for example the HP Adaptive Lighting, gives me peace of mind that my picture has a good chance of being accurately taken exactly as I see it through the viewfinder, however this at the cost of thepicturebeing more pixelated (grained) in the darker areas. The motto "what you see is what you get" seems difficult to achieve without professional cameras and photography knowledge, but the HP R707 manages this quite well indeed. Playback and viewing of pictures and video is easy and you can browse through thumbnails of the pictures or instead enlarge each picture to better control the quality of each shot. The in-camera red-eye removal works very well. The Image Advice feature is helpful in explaining what you can do to take better pictures next time. Video recording is very easy, just press one button to record. The quality of the recordings is fine for a camera, but not comparable to the greatly superior image and sound quality of dv cams. I didn't test the included software, because I didn't load it, as my iMac instantly recognized the R707 and iPhoto automatically launched and I just needed to click the "import" button in the software. You may want to read more at Digitalmagasinet.dk, which has an excellent English review of the HP R707. They compared it to the Canon IXUS S500, and the R707 won in most categories, especially price/quality ratio.

Negative points: 1) no case is delivered with the R707. You need to buy this extra. 2) I often use the optical zoom, but then the aperture can go to a minimum of f8.4 m, the consequence is I often need to use the flash, almost always when indoors. 3) the view finder doesn't show any menu items, so when the LCD display is not available due to low battery and you want to change the menu settings, you have to do this blindly. 4) the more manual controls and active filters you use, the longer it takes to process a photo and write it to memory. You can take another picture after 1-2 seconds, while the processing of the previous picture is still in progress, as long as the in-camera 32MB memory is not full. 5) Battery recharging can take a few hours. 6) The camera can heat up when in use for longer periods of time. In the Image Advice Screen some photos mentioned something like "camera was too hot, this can impact photo quality" 7)

Conclusion: I was pleasantly surprised by the ease of use and the quality of the camera. The price I paid was less than that of a new but no longer produced Canon Digital Ixus 400 (Powershot S400) in discount stores. It is difficult to get better quality at a lower price than the HP Photosmart R707. I recommend it.

Update 2 August 2004: In the meantime I have had a defect on the HP R707, whereby theupper right hand corner of the LCD display, and the photos as well, show a black area. This was dependent on the zoom position. HP customer servcies has replaced my camera without much hassle.
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I have a R707 camera I like the camera but have major problems with red eye indoors. I use the red eye reduction on almost every picture and I still can't remove all the red eye or the eyes are bug eyes. any suggestions


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How about trying the new HP R717? It's a great 6MP cam.
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