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Default Anyone have experience with a HP 812???

I was thinking of getting this camera, but recently there seems to be quite a lot of refubushed ones available. Is this model prone to problems? I have always liked HP products and was thinking of updating my old HP200. Any thoughts. Thanks
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With all electronics, there are always refurbished products available. Many items returned are due to consumers mishandled them. So, it's not always manufacturing problem.

With HP, if the product is broken while still under warranty. HP will take it back and will replace it with a new one.

I don't own the 812. I have the 850 which is a little more but you get 8x optical zoom + 7x digital which gives you a total of 56x zoom rather than the 812 would only give you 3x optical + 7x digital. Believe me, it makes a huge difference and it's worth the $50-75 (USD) extra if you're interested.

For the HP 812, besides Steve's website, you can read other reviews at: http://www.dpreview.com/reviews/specs/HP/hp_812.asp
http://www.epinions.com/HP_Photosmar...splay_~reviews (these are from consumers)

Good Luck in your decisions.

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Old Dec 2, 2003, 1:04 PM   #3
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i hope im not too late to reply you

i have a n 812 for over a year now. its a good came, except its bat life is terrible and after 10 pics using the lcd, its flat, even with rechargable 2300 nimh bat.

it has a very poor focus distance especially for close ups
however it does take verky good pics when it comes to colour and detail

there is no ac adapter

it is a sensitive camera and i did have a prob with the lense, it stopped working
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Old Aug 19, 2004, 12:52 AM   #4
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It's ok cam. Has some problems but I got used to it. Night shots are really good. Even it's fully automatic it still produces very natural colors. Only one problem I hate about it is a battery life. and taken pictures are just little bit over contrasty. and NEVER block lense while turning on. It'll get gears to slip.
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Old Oct 1, 2004, 10:15 PM   #5
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I have had my HP 812 for over a year and everything seems to work but the lens, I believe. I mean the flash works and the microphone works under video, it is just the LCD screens stays black and if you try to take a pic it says unable to focus. My guess is the lens or whatever it is called is not opening after pushing the button. I just got off 1 hour chat with HP and they figured it was a firmware problem and after an hour they gave me upgrade options and gave me the address of an authorized service center. Anyways if anyone else has had this problem and had it fixed if they could let me know exactly what the prob was. It does make noise sometimes when turning on and off. Like the gears slipping or something.
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Old Oct 29, 2004, 9:17 PM   #6
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:homey:I have'nt given up on my 812 as yet. When I bought it I thought that this was ridiculous the way it consumed batteries. Was this the way that all digital cameras would perform when using AA/AAA. I have never had luck using rechargables so I bought lithium E2's and they are working great...expensive but I think worth it. I probably need a firmware upgrade now to correct my only problem....when the batteries sit inside the camera for a couple days you have to open the bay and then close it before it comes on!
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