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laullroy Aug 11, 2004 6:40 AM

I bought my Hp 735 one year ago, and since then, it has been working smoothly.

Last week, when I tried to delete images stored in the external memory, the camera simply put off, and since then, I have been unable to restart it again

HP's customer service request 200€ for reviewing thecamera, when nowadays it cost 150€!!.

¿Any suggestion about the problem and possible solution?

thanks a lot

[email protected]

fanagoria Sep 18, 2004 9:20 AM

Are you sure you had enough batteries because I've heard of such incidents before. This happens when the batteries are exhausted and the camera is still running. The camera stops before the lens are fully inside and it won't start again.Hope it isn't that because that happened to a friend of mine a year ago and he had to change the camera.

ssmith Jun 20, 2005 5:01 AM


I bought an HP 735 just over a year ago, it recently stopped working. I have checked and re-checked the batteries and still nothing. The lens is extended but the camera will not switch on.My camera was out of warranty by 3 days when this happened to me.

proton Aug 18, 2005 9:12 AM

I had the same problem and my sister had a digital camera of another brand, with also the same problem! Seems like a thing that is not just happening with H.P.

I went to the shop and within 2 weeks my camera was replaced! The guy in the shop also mentioned someone else with that problem who also brought his camera back. After the replacement I had no problems anymore, using the new replaced camera since January 2004 now without any jam.

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