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Default Hp 935 ,short lifetime batteries.Anyone has got this camera?

Hi people, I'm new in this forum. I live at Spain & I've bought in Andorra an HP photosmart 935 (5,1 ef. Mpx camera) it takes very good photos, I can send to print photos with big size (16 x 22 cm.) and they look very well, great detail and impressive colours, it has a very good manual white balance. About this i'm very happy to have this camera, but.....

... I'm very dissapointed about life time of batteries. This camera uses 2 AA batteries, so I've tried lot of them without succes...
I've tried this batteries:
- Kodak alkaline photo 1,5 v (for digital cameras) / 6 o 7 photos max
- Energizer Photo lithium 1,5 v (the same, for d.c.) / 10-12 photos max
- Hitachi 1,2 v NiMh 600 mAh / 20 photos max
- HAMA 1,2 v NiMh 2200 mAh / 35-40 photos max

I've tried two battery chargers, an standard charger (charges 4 A,AA,AAA batteries and 2 9V) and a new one, a HAMA charger, specific for these 2200 mAh batteries.....

With all these batteries i can't take over 40 photos (with the most powerful hama 2200), without flash, with the LCD only enabled for rapid review and measuring white balance... the less as possible..

Before I bougth this camera, i read a lot of reviews, in this page & others. For example, in www.dpreview.com. itís said that HP 935 is a camera with long life time of batteries, tried with NiMh 1600 mAh only and with LCD always On, more than 300 photos... i canít understand what happens with my camera, so Iíve phoned HP Technical Service in Spain and they have said me that i can order a new camera, i can try for at least both cameras (mine and the new) for compare.....

Now I have both cameras but I haven't tried them together, using the same features and taking the same photos; the new has a new firmware version (0.36V instead 0.30V) but it appears to be a big battery consumer... I think the camera was not broken and it wasn't failing... maybe its' very battery hungry, but I'm not already sure....

Anyone has got this camera? What do hp 935 users think about battery consumption? Can you help me? Is this normal?

Thank you all. Bye.
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Hi, I'm new also to the forum and digital cameras. I just recieved my hp735 yesterday and am also experiencing battery drain. I also bought the dock but won't recieve it for a couple of days. I've been downloading into my computer and it seems that it when I get alot of drain on the battery, I hope that the dock will help this. I also read that battery life was good. I am doing the same battery saving measures you use.
hope we can find an answer to this
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Old Oct 4, 2003, 12:37 AM   #3
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Default Nickel Hydride battery life

As you may know, nickel hydride rechargeable batteries must be discharged & recharged 4 to 5 times before they are capable of their full potential.
I suggest that you cycle the batteries (full discharge/charge) a number of times & see if this helps.
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Old Oct 17, 2003, 9:55 PM   #4
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Oh, I also have an 935. :P
Don't be nervous! According to my own experience I think it 's quite normal. 935 is a real battery depleter.
Here is my suggestion:
1. Prepare more NiMh rechargeable batteries and a fast chargr.
2. Shut down flash and LCD scree.
3. Interval shot not continuous shot.
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Old May 17, 2004, 7:22 PM   #5
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The link has died by now. Is there anyway to access this information still?
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Old May 18, 2004, 6:26 AM   #6
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ask steve about it, he's the web master...

about HP 935, i'm very happy about buying it, & since I use powerex batteries i've not got problems. try them. bye
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I had this camera & the same problem with batteries. I take a lot of pics & used all kinds of batteries...but none would last long enough. I called HP & got a replacement - thinkingit was a defect....still had the same problem with the new one. My sister bought the camera from me & I am now in the process of finding the right camera for me...but I'm having no luck. The quality of the pics with the 935 is absolutely wonderful, the best I've seen personally. I can not find a camera that compares, it just runs down WAY too quick.

Recently I've tried the

Casio EX-S500

HP R817

Samsung DigiMax S800


Fuji Finepix F10

& none of the pics are giving me the quality that I got with the 935. I am very aggravated in my search! I'm just going to have to settle with something I guess.
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