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Default HP Photosmart 850 Confusing Specs

I would like to find out a few questions about this camera namely: acording to HP as well as a few online stores the camera supports both secure media cards as well as Multimedia cards is this true? secondly where is the camera manufactured? lastly does the camera have a build in memory (again as per HP it has 32MB) Please help!! Please email me should you own one of these or have used one with your impressions [email protected]

Simon Swanich
South Africa
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The camera does not have any onboard memory. I am under the impression it only takes the secure digital cards. I dont know where it is madek but I like mine alot! Hope this helps

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Default 128MB vs. 256 MB SD for HP 850???

This site's HP 850 review states HP850's compatibility with up to 256MB SD. The HP 850 manual claims compatibility only up to 128MB. HP Tech Support supports the manual, saying the 256MB hasn't yet been tested by HP.

So, will the HP 850 take a 256MB SD card, and if so, would there be any significant performance difference compared to 128MB?

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I have just tried the photosmart 850 at Jessops UK and it used a multimedia card no problem, you just have to format it in the camera first. Also the camera seems faster if the card is bigger, eg with 16mb it becomes after 3 pics very slow to process but with a bigger memory card it seems faster so obviously uses the card as a memory cache I suspect. It would be good to try a 128mb card to see the difference. I may buy one from jessops Uk as they offer a 30day exchange plan if you don't like it...no risk really... also the camera takes fuji 6900 lense adapter and addons etc...maybe time to spend some money! The best thing is the small aperture (F12) which is good for landscape photos...mmmmm shall I shan't I ?

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Old Jun 14, 2003, 11:57 PM   #5
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Default 850 and 256SD cards

I'm using a Panasonic 256 MB Secure digital 10 mbps SD card and it works great in this camera. I'm sure like everything else electronic these days it's got to be made in taiwan, japan, or china.
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I've been using Lexar 256 MB cards with no problem as long as you have firmware (FW) version 1.01.05 or 2.0. These are the latest.

And yes, the HP 850 is made in China as most of our HP products these days. :roll:

BTW, if you don't want to spend so much money on SD cards and carry your laptop on trips but would like to take photos as much as your heart contents, here's a thought.

I bought a portable image storage, the Vosonic X's Drive II. I purchase it pre-installed with a 40GB drive for $240 (no tax, free shipping at The-Discount-Shop.com). Or you can get just the an empty X's Drive II for around $98 and put any 2.5" driver in there for much less. My friend found a 40GB 2.5" driver for about $40 which he's going to install it in his new X's Drive II.

I can't tell you how glad I am to have purchased this little gadget. It's quick and most portable to carry in my purse on my 10-day vacation trip. I went nuts with taking photos of everything and only used up 950 MB. So, even if you get a 10GB or 20GB, it should be plenty of storage. If not, you can always take it out and pop in a bigger storage driver.

If you would like to read some reviews:

Hope this reply is not so late.
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