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Default Lens flare with the CP912 camera?

Maybe someone can help me with this, as it's a new one on me.

I picked up an HP 912 camera for half price today (yippie, like I need another camera). Took some test shots, and a strange purple "haze" appears on a few of the shots. I thought it might just be the circular polarizer I had on it reacting with the sun, so I took it off, leaving just the clear UV filter on. Took some more shots. Again, the "haze" is there. Not on every shot. Not even on half (so this rules out a CCD issue).

In this shot (below), though, I was in the SHADE under a small tree, with the sun behind me, when focusing on the wheelbarrow in the sun. Still, there it is again, "the haze". ARGH!

I've not had this happen on any of my other cameras before, so was just wondering if anyone here has come across this. Is it just the lens on the thing reacting to reflected sun from some objects? The fact it's a very bright day? Etc.
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Make sure if you are using the lcd screen to frame shot, to cap the viewfinder with the little black plastic cover it came with, otherwise just like a real SLR extraneous light coming through the viewfinder will ruin your picture. Not positive that is what happened with this picture but it looks like it to me. Hope this helps..
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Default purple fringe

The following site does a nice job of talking about abberations and hot pixels. It even provides free software that can help under some situations.


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