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Hi all, I'm new to these forums, but I just had some problems with my R707 camera which I bought sometime in April 2005.

I was taking some photos 2 nights agoand only decided to transfer themlast night to the computer.

However, during the transferring procedure it stated that there were no pictures to be transferred from the memory. When I checked the camera again, around 20-30 pictures that were just recently taken had disappeared from the memory.

Is this the faultof the camera or the memory card? I'm using a 128mb sd ram card - if I remember it correctly.

Also, this was the first time that this incident occurred. Can anyone give me any recommendations on what to do?

Thanks lots for the help.

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You are still under warranty, correct? I would contact HP tech support.
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Chances are, it's only a corrupted FAT (File Allocation Table). The images are probably recoverable (unless you've used the card since the problem occured). There are many utilities that can read files from corrupted media.

Try Digital Image Recovery (it's free). You can download it using this link:


Here is another product designed to recover images (not free, but they have a demo version you can try to see if it works).


FAT corruption can occur for a variety of reasons, but the likely cause is an incomplete write operation to the media.

After you recover your images, I'd suggest formatting the memory card using the camera's menus (not via your PC).

Also, be careful how you are transferring your images. Sometimes, corrupted media occurs when users "Cut and Paste" from the media. This copies the image files, then deletes them. A delete is a write to the media, and can corrupt it if the write does not complete properly. Depending on the device drivers, the operating system (XP, etc.) may be caching writes to external media (and this cache process can result in buffers not being flushed before you remove the camera or card reader).

I'd suggest only using the camera menus to perform deletes (or any other write operation to the media).

Personally, I always format my media using a camera's menus before every use. This insures that I always start out with a fresh File Allocation Table, and that the memory card format is exactly how the camera expects it to be. Besides, formatting via the camera menus is usually faster than deleting the individual images anyway.

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