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Default Printing Directly from printer - from computer

I've just bought my new HP 7350 and I'm quite satisfied with it. The only problem is that when printing directly from the printer (using the Media Card), the results are simply great, while printing from the computer (for example after editing the picture with Photoshop), the printing results are quite poor (I guess 1200*1200?), not at all "compatible" with my HP 850 cam (4 mega pixels).
Is there any way I can improve printing quality by printing from the computer?
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From what you're explaining, you print out from the computer after you do editing with Photoshop, correct?

If so, what kind of editing do you usually do and what size photos were you printing?

Assuming that you're using the same printer with the same setting all these time and that you're comparing with the same photo, sometime editing the photo then save it, will lose its original quality. There should be a quality control level in Photoshop for you to set when saving. If sets at a lower setting, this could make the difference of its quality also.

BTW, do you mean you just bought the HP 735? If so, this one only delivers 3.24MP effective resolution; whereas, the 850 delivers 3.94MP effective resolution, a slight difference for you to consider.
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Default Printing Directly from printer - from computer

Thanks for your help.
When I mean processing from Photoshop, I mean simply opening the file with the program, changing "print size" options to 10x15cm (without changing the resolution parameters) and print (with maximum print quality and photo paper seletected in the printer's dialogue box).
Believe me: printing results are terrible (compared to the direct print fron printer): I clearly see pixels on the print!
Even on HP's web site the specifications of the printer say: "Up to 4800 x 1200 optimized dpi (on premium photo papers) and 1200 x 1200 input dpi when printing from a computer"...

Are you suggesting I should have bought a different printer to "maximize" the potentials of my 850? Maybe the "bigger one (7550)? Here in Italy the 7350 costs exactly half the price of the 7550 (this one is 350 euro...) Is it worth it?

Please help me... I'm getting desperate and quite frustrated...
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I'm sorry but I live in the USA and can't help you much with European's models or prices.

If you were having problem with the camera or the printer, then your results should have been the same whether you're printing straight from the Media Card or from the computer.

Since this is not the case, I'm suspecting that your problem is elsewhere. Have you tried just to print the photo without changing the print size or do anything at all?

You might also check on your printer setting from the computer. Perhaps when you plug in the Media Card, the printer recognizes it and automatically set it to photo quality printing but when you print from the computer, the printer doesn't know what you will be printing and thus, you would need to set it to photo quality.

Another suggestion, since you live in Europe, you may want to post your question at this UK web by Ian Burley:

They may be more familiar with your printer models, etc.

Here's one explanation of Pixels vs. DPI that I came across from dp-now.com:

"In Response To: Pixels and DPI??? (Scott)

DPI stands for dots per inch and is technically misleading as it should be image pixels per inch (PPI), but as Martin points out, this only refers to a printed image. The term DPI is better applied to the ability of a printer to print dots on the printer paper. Lots of printer dots are usually required to make one image pixel.
The printed resolution (PPI) will be automatically altered when you size your picture for printing. It does not alter the actual resolution of your camera image. It's an instruction to tell the printer how large you would like your image printed, ie., how many of my image pixels I'd like printed per inch on the paper.
Your camera has set an arbtrary 72ppi in the file header and the other camera has a default of 300ppi, but that's all. You could swap these values and it would really make no difference at all.
> Hi,
> I am not sure if this is a stupid question but I can't
> find a answer anywhere? I have a 4MP camera and a
> friend of mine has a 3.1MP camera and the pixel count
> for my 4MP camera is 2272X1712 and for his the pixel
> count is 2048X1536. My question is when I check the
> summary in Windows XP it say the DPI for the images
> taken with my camera is 72dpi and the images from his
> camera are 300dpi. Does dpi mean anything when it
> comes to these images, and if it does why is the dpi
> higher on the 3.1MP camera? "

Good luck to you.
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