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bsdhingra wrote:
Still images taken in day light or inside the room are not good and showing white horizontal lines in the background. But if i am taking the photos in the dark these are coming somewhat ok.
Welcome to the forums. Do the images look like one of the images shown on this page (overexposed with lines through it)?


That's a relatively common symptom of a CCD related issue.

But, I don't know if HP has admitted to having any issues with with the sensors used in your camera model or not (and judging from the specs, it's one of the Sony sensors impacted by this CCD issue, that a number of major camera manufacturers have agreed to fix outside of warranty at no charge to consumers).

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I am very grateful "knock on wood" that the only problem I have
had is the exploding battery, well it just swelled up and started
to pop but I caught it in time, bad thing was it happened to the
battery in the camera and the extra battery in the dock, at the
same time, it was a huge pain to remove both swelled up batteries.

But I loved the camera so much that I just got two new batteries,
upgraded the firmware, and kept using it.

I use the R707 as my backup camera to my Panasonic DMC-FZ35,
I have been using the R707 for years, and as my main camera for
most of that, and have taken some of my best shots with it.
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