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Default Problem unloading pictures from my HP Photosmart 315

I received my HP Photosmart 315 as a gift December 2000.
I haven't had ANY problems downloading pictures until now.

My OS is Windows 98 2nd Ed.

I connect my camera to the AC adapter and then to my USB port. I turn the camera on. My camera icon in my systray changes to indicate connection and automatically starts my HP Photosmart Imaging software. I then choose the unload option. I then receive an error message telling me my camera is not on and I should close the application, turn the camera on and try again. I have done this numerous times with no success.

Here is what I've tried:
I first started to think of what I've done on the computer since the last time I unloaded pictures that would cause this problem to occur. The only two things, I can remember, is I started on-line banking where Quicken downloaded some "stuff" and I installed Iomega Zip Drive software as well as used a zip drive.
I contacted HP support via email who gave me a list of things to try. I've tried them all, but one in particular was to stop everything from running on my machine except Explorer & Systray and try it again. That didn't work either.
I've also uninstalled the Iomega Zip Drive software, thinking this has got to be the problem, and that didn't make it work.
I've uninstalled and reinstalled the HP Photo Imaging Software numerous times so far and that doesn't help either.

I've been doing some reading in my manual - I know, I had no choice but to read it this time - and I found that I should be able to see another drive type icon in Windows Explorer, when my camera is connected, and use it as just another drive. This got me very excited - I connected my camera and NOTHING. Is there something the manual is not telling me about this...? If I could get that to work then I wouldn't have to mess with the unload software.

I really don't care how I unload the camera at this point as long as I can "unload" the camera.

ANY suggestions/help is greatly appreciated.


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Is your zip USB? is it sharing the same USB port as the camera? Seems like with 98SE each USB device should have its own port and be the only device used in that port. If you only have 2 ports and more than 2 USB devices get a "powered USB hub" and plug into #2 port, #1 should be saved for printer. Then try to plug devices into hub 1 at a time, power up and test, then power down and do next. If device does not work reinstall exactly as manuel says for that device before plugging in next.
Good Luck,
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