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wadue Jun 22, 2006 12:24 AM

Hello all,

This is the first in this forum, but I've had very luck with the Pentax d-slr forum with getting questions answered. I've got a buddy with a HP photosmart 935 that he really enjoys. The pix are sharp & the functions are great for what he uses it for. The question that he has is .... Is there a remote control available for this model??? Or another HP product that someone would recommend that has a remote control function??? His concern is that he does a lot of shots of small detailed objects that he sells on Ebay. So he mounts the cam on the tripod, zooms it in & then has to wait 10 seconds for the picture to take. He would rather get it focused press the button on a remote while he is setting up the next shot, etc.

Is he getting petty about his time... probably ... but I told him that I would ask the fine talented folks of this forum to see if there is a solution to his dilemma. For all know about this camera, he might be able to just go into the menu to change the 10 second delay & press the button & move unto his next shot. But that seems WAY to logical for this day & age:G.

Thanks in advance for any answers & solutions!


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