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Old Aug 21, 2003, 10:34 AM   #31
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Last night I made a couple of nightshots and indoor picture at 100 ISO without flash. The results are bad. If it's really dark then it's OK just black and the lights of the cars or houses. But indoor or when the sky is still dark blue I got a lot of pixels and it just look grainy. Tomorrow I got an other 735 from an other serie and a 935 just to do some tests. Sertec I will let you know the results.
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Old Aug 25, 2003, 6:16 AM   #32
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I had the possibility to test the 735 from an other serie and the 935 during the weekend. 735 as usual good outdoor pictures by daylight, but when it comes dark... no comment. The 935 is quite good outdoor, indoor, with flash and without. But I don't need a 5 mega pixels camera just to do some snapshots. So I gave back the 735 and bought a Minolta Dimage x20 for even less money. I still can use the SD card and the same batteries then for the 735. This cam makes good pictures in every situation. Less weight, smaller size, display much clearer and better battery performance (still using the 1. pair). If you really need a prof. cam wait for the 945, it's the following up for the 850 and this was a good one.
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you can see this indoor picture:

there is not noise

(this picture is not mine)
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Old Aug 25, 2003, 12:54 PM   #34
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Yes, but this is made with a flash, I talking about pictures indoor without flash and a long exposure time
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Old Sep 15, 2003, 7:57 AM   #35
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Default sport/action photo's

If I want nice pic's taken in the dark, I'll get my old fashioned
"analogue" SLR camera :-)
Try to make pics of lighting in a thunderstorm with a digital cam...
pretty smart if you manage that! (unless you got a real expensive
digital SLR cam i guess :-) )

So for those rare occasions I'll grab my old cam :-)
I made once a pic of the sky at night and exposed for 90 MINUTES...
Try that with a D.C. .... :-) :-)

All other occasions, the HP 735 will do just fine, like during
sports events, see pics below... :-)



Feel free to comment on my pics :-)
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Old Sep 17, 2003, 11:32 AM   #36
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If you take shots in the dark with a digital camera, MOST camera's will show hot pixels at 2 secs or more exposure. The 735 does that
too, it can be fix VERY EASY!


dowload the prog and install it.
start it
click load, and select a photo
a few secs later you see the old and fixed photo on your screen
and then you only need to click on save to save it!
DEAD SIMPLE! And GONE are those hated white spots!
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Old Sep 22, 2003, 5:02 PM   #37
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Hi guys! Bought my HP 735 just while ago and gotta ask this sense i really haven't got any experience with Digicams or cams in general :? . Usually when i take pictures they always come out kinda "blurry" or if not much visible blur then "noisey". I show couple of (maybe i've just screwed them somehow, but you tell me)

haven't really been able to compare with others because i haven't found many images and if had, then they are resized to smaller (ex. 1024x768) so it doesn't tell the whole truth. Been using tripod since day one...

Flash off, best quality, (maybe used "landscape") all others set to default. Wind haven't effected much on the trees...

Flash off, best quality, Macro... other settings might've been default(?), but doesn't matter... shows how it basically turn out on that table (low light yes, but anyhow) little edit with PS (contrast, color)

Just wondering is it normal? Been trying with various settings, but still the images seem to turn out something like that... Guess i just have to play with this while i purchase some of those better ones, Thanks for your attention.

PS. show me some of those outdoor shots with best quality & unedited. just wanna compare some , thanks
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Old Sep 23, 2003, 3:24 AM   #38
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Here you will find a photo which I made last saturday when I went
sailing with my colleagues. size 1536x2048, unaltered , highest

Pic info:
Original date/time: 2003:09:20 09:27:47
Exposure time: 3326/1000000
Shutter speed: 1/300.25
F-stop: 8.4
ISO speed: 100
Focal length: 15.2000
Flash: 24
Orientation: Top-left
Aperture: 6.1400
Light source: 23
Exposure bias: 0.0000
Metering mode: Center Weighted
Exposure program: Normal
Brightness: 9.3700
Subject distance: 99.9900
Digitized date/time: 2003:09:20 09:27:47
Compression: 6
Camera make: Hewlett-Packard
Camera model: hp photosmart 735
X resolution: 72.0000
Y resolution: 72.0000
Resolution unit: Inches
Camera version: Ver 1.06
Colorspace: sRGB

I only get blurred photo's when I try to shoot without flash in low
light conditions without tripod. Not very surprising because if you
try to shoot by hand with an analoge camera at 1/30th of a sec exposure,
you'll get the same results :-) Unless you got an extreme steady
hand :-)
So if you get blurred pics using the tripod and you're sure that
it stands steady and the objects are also not moving, then
something might be wrong with your camera! And also the whole
pic should be blurred if you got movement, if you only have some
blurred spots in the photo, something is not right...
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Old Sep 24, 2003, 3:38 AM   #39
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Oh well, guess i just gotta do some series of testing before i do more any further (such a demanding from provider for a new cam) i just thought the pictures would look atleast a bit better, guess i was wrong then ... But on the other hand, ain't taking some press-shots eather, so i would think 1024x768 works just fine (ain't printing those eather, usually use them for editing purposes)
Buuut, testing that it is then... Thanks Proton for the feedback!
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Old Nov 2, 2003, 6:33 PM   #40
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I got the 735 2 weeks ago, gift from my sister and i was so happy to discover all the options (sound, videos as far as there is free space on the card, night mode...)

Its my 1st digital cam so i cant really express myself about quality etc.....

But i just wanted to add this bad point:
the quality settings are stupid..... nearly no difference between top quality and good.
And then u go to 640
They should have put a 4th one (like 1024 or something) :-/

And also the flash doesnt seems to work far.... its lights just 2-3 meters... and there is no "furtehr distance" flash .... but for 250 euros...waw anyway !!
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