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Default Cleveland Art Museum in HDR

A few more HDR's from the Cleveland Art Museum. EPL-1 ISO 1600 3 shot 1 step EV

c&c always welcome.
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All three are very nice, but #1 is exceptional.
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omg ..... a fantastic set dustin did you set the fire alarms off? (no people) ..... my only critique is on the first shot i think this may have even looked better than it is now without the sky light but i cant quite make my mind up when scrolling down on my monitor i miss the lights out and it stilll looks great
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It is funny how people see things completely different. I feel that the statue in #1 competes to much with the paintings. I tend to favor #3 as my favorite...
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Dustin, your captures hints me of a place where I'd forget the time passing by in a state of rapture! I also appreciate your shooting skill here, since I know that they do not allow using a tripod in such places, which makes it difficult to shoot the underexposed frame of a three or five shot hdr at the recommended base iso of the camera.
As for the first picture, I think including the skylight is a good idea to indicate the lightsource, yet, the keeping the first row of three windows would be enough, since, as an auxilary element the more of it tend to steal from the subject by distracting the attention of the beholder. Also the blown areas on the sculpture may require a bit pp, imo. Oh, I must also say I quite liked the imposing pose of the equestrian you arranged in the second picture. Such a faithful and vivid representation there!
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Of the three I prefer the equestrian. The other two, while really good shots under the circumstances, both lack perfection in the composition. In #1 the painting on the left being cut off. Its almost perfectly symmetrical except for the bench on the left.And in #3 the cases on each side again cut off, again spoiling the almost perfect symmetry. What do you think would have fixed this problem? Perhaps, a little wider lens, or stepping back a foot? Or maybe a little pixel magic?
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Nice shots. When were you over here in Cleveland?
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Beautiful renditions Hards!
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Originally Posted by JohnG View Post
Nice shots. When were you over here in Cleveland?
John, he's just moved there... you are neighbours
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Hards now lives in Cleveland, he move over the weekend
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