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Default Did I go too far?

I'm curious to get others reaction on two shots. I've been admiring some of the better "fantasy" or "extreme" type of processing. I've never quite taken anything that worked with this type of thing and I'm not entirely sure these pictures work, but I've given it a try. Are they over-the-top/too extreme or does it work?

This b&w is one of the frames I used, then converted to b&w.

This next one I'm really uncertain about - it's not realistic at all, compared to what I remember of the scene. But I thought it was interesting - what do others think of it?

This is a more realistic HDR conversion that I converted to b&w, I'm just not sure I like the shot for some reason, even in b&w.

I was rather disappointed in my pictures, I spent more time thinking about setting up for HDR instead of really LOOKING at the truck and being imaginative about the pictures (there's not a lot of room around the truck but I didn't take advantage of what I did have). I'd like to go back and re-shoot them again sometime (but it's about an hour drive and then a 2 mile hike to the spot, the main reason why I haven't seen it in over 10 years).
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i really like the first shot. it does not look over the top for me. i actually think it is a pleasing image, with good selective focus and nice tones. i don't care for it as much in black and white, just a bit too dark and lacking detail.

the 2nd set (image 3 and 4). i find #3 to be a good HDR. I was not there, so I don't know what the scene looked like, but nothing about that photo seems too unbelievable. so i think it works well the processing. the image itself i don't find as interesting or pleasing as the first set though. and i prefer it in color rather than black and white.
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BW doesn't work for me too. May be it's because the grey value of the truck painting and the leaves is very similar, reducing the contrast and flettening the perspective. I don't see the color versions are over the top and i keep the #3 as a favourite.
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Thanks for the feedback - the second one (the b&w of the first picture) shows I must have been in a black mood last night. Since it was one frame of the HDR, it does show the rather extreme dynamic range of the scene though.

Ordo, I think your point about the truck and leaves being the same grey value is why I don't like the second b&w. I did try to darken the leaves and lighten the truck but that probably made it worse. I have a couple of others that would have been more interesting if I had used a smaller aperture. I was trying for a small dof with specific focus point and it didn't work with the subject.

Thank you both for the feedback on the color versions - that's what I was looking for. I wanted to know if I could manage something that wasn't particularly close to what I thought I saw but still an interesting picture.

Any more suggestions or comments?
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