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Rhofman Aug 23, 2010 2:56 PM

first HDR Rhofman
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Just tell me what you think..

Also the 1 with JC de Jonge on it.. do you have tips to take away that sun reflex of his sunglasses?


Hards80 Aug 23, 2010 4:23 PM

to be honest these look really bad.

for one there is nothing hdr about them really as far as i can tell. what program did you use, what was your methods? so we can figure out what you did wrong here.

it just looks like you opened up a shadows slider too much, giving it a washed out noisy, soft look. and in the first 1 there is extreme ghosting as well.

and the photos themselves i hope are just test shots, as they really dont look like you put much thought into the compositions. so i just want to say in order to have a good HDR photo, you have to have a good photo to start with. meaning to put some thought into the composition and the elements in the scene.

sorry to come off harsh, just dont want you heading down the wrong path from the start.

Rhofman Aug 24, 2010 2:16 AM

You don't have to sorry :) I want people to be honest and that is good.

What I did is.. Took 3 photo's without a tripod or anything :P and just put them together so that all the areas in the picture are visible. Compare to the original photo's you have black foreground or white background because of the sunset. On these pictures you have most of the colors.

Sometimes people make HDR and I think.. Is it a fake photo? I don't have that with mine and maybe that is what making it not really a good HDR?
Also not using a tripod was maybe the wrong thing to do. But just starting to make photo's and this was my really first HDR. Don't know much about it ;)

I used Aperture first but didn't know how to make a HDR in that.
So got Lightroom and Photoshop and there is just a button to make 3 photo's 1 HDR.

Maybe you like the originals better :

Thank you for your honesty

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