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hanalwala Aug 4, 2010 12:16 PM

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I have taken a trial to produce an HRD image. Kindly comment and if possible make a new image and show me my mistake....The first three and the pictures I took and the last is the photomatrix result that I got....

MartinSykes Aug 4, 2010 1:59 PM

Nothing really too bad there but a couple of suggestions below. If you want others to have a go, can you resize the first three to the same size as your finished picture and repost them. The forum has resized them automatically so they're all a bit blurred.

I'd have rested the camera on the railing to take it out of the shot and to keep the camera more stable. The originals are slightly mis-aligned but Photomatix has done a good job of re-aligning them.

Try using slightly wider bracketing if you can - the bright bits of the clouds are still 'blown' even in your darkest shot.

You might also want to adjust the final result in photoshop to get a bit more contrast as HDR tends to come out a bit flat by default.

simple Aug 4, 2010 2:57 PM

what steps did you take here ? +1 0 -1 try +2 0 -2

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