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Default Minnewaska State Park in Black-and-White

“When we photograph in black-and-white, we lose one of the elements of design -- color. To compensate for this, we need to photograph black-and-white scenes emphasizing other, present design elements,” namely, line, shape, form, texture, and pattern. So says the article, “Seeing in Black & White”, in the February 2016 issue of Digital Photo Magazine.

In the same magazine issue, another article, “Transforming (Weaker) Images with B&W”, suggests to “look through your never-edited pile. In every editing session, you have images that you never bothered to edit because you could tell from the get-go that something essential was missing...Now is the time to go back through those old images in search of something that might look better in black-and-white.”

In other words, don’t dump your trashy images. You might instead load them into Photoshop, hit the black-and-white filter and, presto -- instant art!

Seriously, I have nothing against summer. But I don’t particularly relish shooting in the summer. The problem with summer is thick green foliage blocks what might otherwise be great views of lakes, rivers, and landscapes. Also, the color green is just too pervasive. I’ll have to trek farther out under the heat of the sun with no guarantee of finding color other than the green of the leaves.

On the other hand, one would be hard-pressed not to find drama in any of the other seasons. Spring has its flowers, fall its blazing colors, and winter its dreary, lifeless moods. Summer, in comparison, is just boringly, monochromatically green.

Wait. Monochromatic? As in using only one color? Why not shoot in black-and-white then? With the sun directly above, contrast is also strong. And according to the same magazine issue, good contrast makes for “‘punchy’ black-and-white images”.

So, problem solved. Come summer, it’s black-and-white to the rescue. Because with black-and-white, gold from my garbage is in the offing.

Thank you for looking. Topaz DeNoise, Topaz Adjust, Topaz ReMask, and Topaz B&W used after Dynamic Photo HDR (DPHDR).
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Dramatic in black and white , great landscape series
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