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i do like the richness from the HDR, but i may have tuned down the saturation just a tad, its just slightly too much for my tastes.
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And, finally, although its not HDR I thought I'd share a 5-shot panorama of the interior. You will note from the previous photo that I had very little room to work -- perhaps only 4 or 5 feet in front of the display case. Also, I applied the Shadow/Highlight adjustment in CS3 which brought out some the detail in the darker areas.
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Your first one came out REALLY great in HDR - I feel the same as mtngal, I saw the HDR and thought "Wow, what a great shot!". Then I saw the middle-exposure, looked back at the HDR and the window - that's what made me thinking "A perfect situation for HDR!". Very well done

Looking at the second photo, the difference is not sooo big, but, as you mentioned, HDR adds something nice to the shot. It's really an improvement over the non-HDR - you did right to choose HDR
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Thumbs up Great!

A perfect and well documented case for the use of HDR, no doubt!

Very well executed shots and renderings here, giving us a unique insight in what I recon is part of your local community, Walter.

Thank you for sharing this experience. This is exactly the type of threads I love, because it gives you that much more than just the final picture. One picks up ideas and learns every time one looks.

Well done!
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To me, your last shot is too vibrant. The reds are just popping out too far. If you laid the HDR version on top of the middle shot and played with the opacity until you got it just right -- somewhere in between.
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I don't have much of a sweet tooth, but your first pic made me wonder why. It was very good in deed. I didn't look out the window before it was mentioned and was not destracted afterward either. Nice colours and setting.
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Old Jan 27, 2010, 1:39 PM   #17
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It certainly adds something but you could work a little bit to avoid color uber saturation Walter.
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Originally Posted by mtngal View Post
I do have a question for others, but some explanation first. This picture was very effective for me - my eye went first and completely to the display, I didn't even notice what was out the window. After I saw the middle exposure, I went back to the first one and then looked at the window, not before. Then it occurred to me that some might find the scene out the window a distraction and therefore not something you would want. That's my brain talking, not my emotions. My emotions say don't change a thing, but I did wonder what others think about it, and what those that know more than I do about composition think.
mtngal, those were exactly the steps I took. It actually felt kind of eerie reading your paragraph and step by step described the emotions and thought process I went through. I just attribute it to reading too much C&C at steves-digicams.com.

Walter, very good HDR application!

I especially like the second one of the store's interior. I know I said a while ago I'd pick a photograph of Nature over a manmade structure anytime. Seeing all that candy in your second photo made me quickly change my mind.
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When making a panorama shot like this is there any way to reduce the big bulge in the middle of the picture? How about panorama software? They have some kind of features like that but Ive never seen anywhere that said to put it through the software to get rid of distortion.
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I don't find the scene outside of the window a distraction at all. It tells me
1. I'm a motorcyclist and other motorcyclist come here.
2. I like the colors and umbrellas of the shops across the street.
3. It looks like a nice freindly area to be in.
Hmmmmm.....I guess it is a distraction of sorts.

4. I need all the distraction I can get when presented with the goodies in front of the window.

Nicely done Walter.
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