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mtngal Aug 31, 2010 2:21 PM

Thanks for the compliments! As far as the Jeep goes, I'm sure it would probably have been cleaner and shinier if it were a rental. It needs a bath badly.

jWest Sep 5, 2010 3:58 AM


Originally Posted by mtngal (Post 1133817)
Typical Southern California landscape

You might call it "Vanilla SoCal". ;) Definitely what I'm used to :P

I love the realistic effect you achieved with HDR. Beautiful color through-out but without that plastic over-processed look. Love the composition too. :cool2:

mtngal Sep 5, 2010 3:34 PM

Thanks for the compliment jwest. As you indicated, this picture could have been taken in many other locations in SoCal, so many other spots look almost the same as this one.

For the most part I try to have the HDR aspect invisible - where an outsider doesn't realize that it is an HDR. There are exceptions where over-processed fits the subject, but I don't take many of that type of picture.

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