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I like the last one too. Have you tried doing the first two in BW? Might just work.
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Bynx - yours would be realistic if the sun had been up, which it wasn't (it was first light, so the sky was much darker - probably even darker than what my HDR showed). So while it's more believable from a casual observer, it's not anything close to what it really was.

Walter - after thinking about Hard's comment and tried to clone out the lights - one was impossible. Then I cropped just above the top of the big light (getting rid of all of the parking lot with it's light-streak, which I had originally wanted to keep), so the picture had just a bit of trees at the bottom of the frame. I liked it much better than I thought I would, and that's the picture I'll keep.

Here's the middle exposure, only resized for posting here, and the sky is pretty accurate.

There doesn't seem to be a good reason to do a B&W of the first two - the picture was all about the color of the sunrise. On the other hand, I have a totally different series that I took at a different time on this trip and had been struggling with that would work really well with b&w. Thanks for bringing it up.
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MG..I should tell you..I liked your photos...the last one for sure...I see your concern about the lites, but I am either way. They seem to add excitement to the scene, the transition between the calm evening and the beginning of a busy day..gives it a dusk feeling
(I know i am not expressing myself well ...)

Eliminating the lites would, for me, present a more serene environment.
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