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I like that last version - the blue sky makes a big difference. I also had a quick go using my 'HDR' program. [EDIT] updated to use the original from the post below

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Last version lemme know what you all think! I also attached the original/middle exposure.


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If you already have CS4, definitely start learning about it. You don't have to master everything in the program to effectively use it (I'm like that - I'm always finding new things I never knew about the program). There are a number of products out there that help you learn the basics, and whole books (some extremely boring) that have been written about it. I found Scott Kelby's books to be more readable than many of them and they are tutorials (the only way I can learn a program is by doing it), which helps. They aren't encyclopedias but they cover the basics and more, besides, in a way that's easy to understand and to put into use right away. The big thing with CS4 is not to be intimidated by it - read a tutorial about a feature and try it.

I use Lightroom (have ever since the first beta). I downloaded Aperture's trial (the last version, not the current one) and thought it was excellent. Lightroom and Aperture go about things differently but do very similar things. Adobe's educational discount was greater than Apple's (both offer significant discounts) so LR ended up being cheaper, and I've stuck with it.
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