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Originally Posted by Eetu View Post
"A younger sister who is an only child"... what a scream! I wish I had the camera now, so I can send pictures of Finns jumping in a hole in the ice... or racing cars on the frozen lake... Thanks for the laugh. Take care.

Hey you want a real laugh bring your camera over here. Idiots are always driving their heavy snomobiles on thin ice, breaking through and drowning. It happens so often its more than just bad luck or fate. Its downright laughable stupidity. A nice shot of them breaking through and catching that last look on their surprised face or perhaps the look on that same face after its been brought back up after a few days underwater would be a photo that should be included with every snomobile purchase.
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Originally Posted by simple View Post
i tried the images myself in photomatix and dynamic and easy hdr , dynamice also needed further adjustment to allign these images anyway here is one with easy hdr using the first 3 images posted and the bog standard settings .... i think i will need to get one of the cs photoshops tor try a few things out

Your version captures both highlights and shadow, but lacks detail. It also gives a very pleasing cloudy morning effect.

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I went looking for the tutorial during break this morning, using a google search and wasn't as careful as I should have been - my work computer got a bad virus (my IS department was NOT happy with me). I thought I had found it on the Luminous Landscape site, but when I went to it, all I found was the write-up on using Photoshop's HDR feature, not at all what I was looking for. I think it goes something like - load 2 files with different exposures. Stack them with the lighter under, the darker on top. Make a blank layer mask on the upper layer then select the lower layer, select the whole thing and copy to the clip board. Hold down the alt key when clicking on the layer mask - the screen goes white. Paste the clipboard (the lighter picture) on the layer mask - it will look black and white. Use gaussian blur set at something really large (like 40 pixels for a large file). Then click on the background layer - the layer mask will allow the lighter layer to show through the darker areas. Its more manual, but works with any version of photoshop that supports layers. It's not perfect and it didn't work well with your original exposures here as there was too much underexposed. But its not difficult to do, takes little time or thought and worth a try.

I highly recommend upgrading from CS2 to CS4. The difference between CS2 and CS3 seemed to be really big, but I skipped it. The difference between CS3 and CS4 seemed much smaller, but since I was going from CS2 to CS4, it was really huge, I'm glad I did it (I justified the upgrade because I was switching from PC to Mac). While I don't use it much, I love the dof extension ability and the aligning layers feature. The panorama stitching feature is very cool, too. The interface is different, but once I got used to it, it's faster.
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