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Billy I hope this doesnt upset you but in your processing you have oversharpened too much. This causes a weird look as in image 1. All the outside shots have a white edge around the roofs against the sky. A sign of over shapening. The first indoor shot might be improved if you used Perspective to get rid of some of the keystoning. Aside from that and since there are no real highlights showing the balance looks pretty good. But in the next image the highlights are blown. Did you shoot Raw? And how many shots? The right half of the image looks great.
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Hi, Paul. I think it's more of how Topaz ReMask computes the edges. In the following image, I'd prefer if ReMask completely eliminated the light colored edges that are part of the sky which I'm replacing. The Adjust preset I use that brings out the pebbles on the asphalt, blades on the grass, and bricks from the walls that I otherwise don't see also enhances the white edges you see. Reducing to 1024x681 brings it out even more. Sometimes, it's so bad that I go back to ReMasking late in my processing and brush the edges. (Maybe someone here knows a ReMask setting that would improve my technique?) I don't sharpen anymore after applying Topaz Adjust.

Yes, the interior shot of the dining table has blownout portions. I was making the best of the situation where I didn't know if tripods were allowed. So it was only a three-shot HDR (in RAW) spaced 0.7ev apart.
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