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Herb Mar 21, 2015 7:26 PM

Some progress, perhaps
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When I first tried to make some HDR pictures, the results were horrible - as you probably saw. However, I've since tried Photomatix Essentials, and the more I use Photomatix Essentials the better I like it. I especially like the way it can rescue deeply shadowed parts from a single exposure.

Some people say that process isn't "real" HDR, but to my mind it's a distinction without a difference.

Here for example are two pictures. The first is a single picture with somewhat deep shadows. The second is the same picture after processing it with Photomatix Elements.

The Barbarian Mar 26, 2015 7:01 PM

Much better, but I think you could improve it by using a denoising program like Neat Image before doing the HDR.

It's free for evaluation; why not give it a shot and see?

The composition is kinda unusual, but I like the way the fish points to the rock, after which the eye is led to that little flower, the color of which echoes the spots on the fish.

bernabeu Mar 29, 2015 12:59 PM

single click (from original) 'auto levels' using Digital Image Pro 9

total time spent = 90 seconds incl. copy, save, and post

Herb Mar 29, 2015 10:22 PM

bernabeu - your improvement to the picture encourages me to follow your advice. I'm going to give it a try.

bernabeu Mar 31, 2015 3:50 PM


HDR, unless used for a specific industrial or commercial application, looks unrealistic.

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